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Morrowind Multiplayer mwmulti
July 8, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is this group about?

In theory, it's about everything related to playing Morrowind in multiplayer. In practice, it's about playing Morrowind in multiplayer through TES3MP[] which is based on OpenMW[]

Is TES3MP still in development?

Of course. Development won't end until all the remaining problems in the project are solved.

Where can I donate to TES3MP?

You can donate to me on my own Patreon page[] or by using my PayPal donation link[].

TES3MP also has a VR branch that takes in the VR code from developer Mads Buvik Sandvei's OpenMW VR. You can donate to him here[].

How do I use TES3MP if I'm on 64-bit Windows?

It's quite easy. Follow the guide here.

How do I use TES3MP if I'm on Linux, macOS or 32-bit Windows?

Download the appropriate release[] from GitHub.

Do note that the latest version is not yet available for macOS or 32-bit Windows.

You can also build TES3MP yourself on Linux by using Grim Kriegor's TES3MP-deploy[] script.

Is TES3MP a multiplayer mod?

No. Multiplayer mods are modifications to closed source original games that almost always have severe limitations in what they can achieve. There have been many examples of them and most have never gotten very far at all.

TES3MP is the multiplayer branch of an open source recreation of Morrowind's engine called OpenMW, done from the ground up and using none of Morrowind's original engine code. As a result, we can add any features we want to it, and we will be adding a lot of ambitious ones as time goes by that would never be possible or even imaginable in a multiplayer mod.

When I open up tes3mp-browser.exe, why do I not see any servers show up?

Either the master server is down, or you have entered the wrong address and port for the master server in your tes3mp-client-default.cfg

The address you should use is and the port should be 25561.

How do I join a server manually?

If you do not wish to use the server browser, or have problems with it, you can always do a direct IP connection by simply editing the following lines in tes3mp-client-default.cfg:

destinationAddress = localhost port = 25565 password =

Replace "localhost" with the IP of the server (unless you're just connecting to yourself), put in the correct port, put in the correct password (if there is one) and then run tes3mp.exe to connect.

How do I play in LAN?

When doing a direct connection as described in the answer above, simply set your destinationAddress to the server's local IP instead of its external, public IP.

You can also prevent the server from appearing in the server browser by disabling the connection to the master server in tes3mp-server-default.cfg. Turn this:

[MasterServer] address = enabled = true


[MasterServer] address = enabled = false

When I run TES3MP, why does it say I'm missing vcruntime140.dll and msvcp140.dll ?

You are missing the Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable and need to install it. Get it from here.[]

I don't get any sound in TES3MP on Windows. How can I fix that?

Installing OpenAL usually fixes that problem. Get OpenAL from here[].

When I try to connect to a server, why am I prevented and told that my load order is "Bloodmoon.esm, Morrowind.esm and Tribunal.esm"?

openmw-launcher.exe sometimes loads your .esm files in the wrong order. Try going to its Data Files tab and dragging the files around so they're in the correct order.

If that doesn't work for you, use a text editor to open up the OpenMW configuration file found here:

C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\OpenMW\openmw.cfg

Scroll down to its bottom and set the order manually like this:

content=Morrowind.esm content=Tribunal.esm content=Bloodmoon.esm

Certain Morrowind mods require you to register .bsa files. How do I do that for TES3MP?

Use a text editor to open up the OpenMW configuration file. It is found here on Windows:

C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\OpenMW\openmw.cfg

Refer to this page[] for its locations on other operating systems.

Near the top will be all your registered .bsa files, in the following pattern:

fallback-archive=Morrowind.bsa fallback-archive=Tribunal.bsa fallback-archive=Bloodmoon.bsa

Simply add the ones you want to those.

When I start TES3MP, I get an error about a .bsa archive not existing. How do I fix it?

Go to your list of registered .bsa archives as instructed in the answer above, then remove the line of the one that doesn't exist anymore.

How do I host a server myself?

Simply start up tes3mp-server.exe. Other players will be able to find your server using tes3mp-browser.exe as long as your server is set to communicate with the master server and as long as your server port (25565 by default) is forwarded correctly.

Why does my server appear as being unreachable in the server browser?

The port set for your server in tes3mp-server-default.cfg (25565 by default) isn't forwarded correctly. You'll need to open up your router's configuration pages in your browser, go to the port forwarding section and forward the port to your local IP. When asked to choose a protocol from TCP, UDP and both, pick either UDP or both.

This is a general computer problem, not something specifically related to TES3MP, and as such you should find a guide – perhaps for your specific router – elsewhere on the internet, like on

That being said, TES3MP's default port of 25565 is also used by Minecraft, and port forwarding guides written by the Minecraft community are just as applicable to TES3MP, with the only exception being that TES3MP requires UDP or both instead of just TCP.

After port forwarding, you may also want to ensure the TES3MP server is not blocked by your firewall.

I've forwarded my port and other people can join my server through the server browser, but it still shows up as being unreachable for me and my connect button is greyed out in the server browser. How can I join it?

There seems to be a bug with the server browser where your own server will mistakenly show up like that, presumably because NAT loopback[] is disabled in your router. Nonetheless, you can always join yourself by running tes3mp.exe with "localhost" as your destinationAddress in your tes3mp-client-default.cfg

How do I configure my server?

To change your basic server options – such as the name of the server or the port used for it – simply edit your tes3mp-server-default.cfg file.

For more advanced settings, read this guide.

Where do I find client and server log files?

If you're on Windows, open up this folder:

C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\OpenMW

Refer to this page[] for the path used on other operating systems.

Client log files start with tes3mp-client and server log files start with tes3mp-server.

How are client mods and plugins handled?

Servers have a file named requiredDataFiles.json that lets them enforce a list of mods/plugins in a certain order with specific CRC32 checksums. That means players all need to enable the same client mods in openmw-launcher.exe as the server that they want to join.

How do I set up the client mods for my server?

Open up your server/data/requiredDataFiles.json and add the client mods you want, in the order you want them and with the CRC32 checksums that your server will regard as valid for them.

For instance, this will only accept the English GOTY editions of Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon:

{"Morrowind.esm": ["0x7B6AF5B9"]}, {"Tribunal.esm": ["0xF481F334"]}, {"Bloodmoon.esm": ["0x43DD2132"]}

By default, requiredDataFiles.json also includes the Russian GOTY edition of Morrowind as a second set of checksums because of its compatibility with the English edition:

{"Morrowind.esm": ["0x7B6AF5B9", "0x34282D67"]}, {"Tribunal.esm": ["0xF481F334", "0x211329EF"]}, {"Bloodmoon.esm": ["0x43DD2132", "0x9EB62F26"]}

If you like, you can also not put in any checksums at all:

{"Morrowind.esm": []}, {"Tribunal.esm": []}, {"Bloodmoon.esm": []}

However, this will make it possible for anyone to join your server with pretty much any files named like that, which is why you should include the CRC32 checksums unless playing with trusted people.

How do I get the CRC32 checksums for the client mods I want to use on the server?

The easiest way to do this that doesn't rely on any other software is to simply enable all the client mods you want in openmw-launcher.exe, connect to a server and get rejected from it.

Afterwards, find your latest client log file here:

C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\OpenMW

Open it up and it will contain the CRC32 checksums you need near the top:

idx: 0 checksum: 7B6AF5B9 file: C:\Games\Morrowind\Data Files\Morrowind.esm idx: 1 checksum: F481F334 file: C:\Games\Morrowind\Data Files\Tribunal.esm idx: 2 checksum: 43DD2132 file: C:\Games\Morrowind\Data Files\Bloodmoon.esm

Simply copy-paste the CRC32 checksums into your requiredDataFiles.json, add an "0x" in front of them and you're good to go.

If, after doing that, your server crashes upon starting, you've probably put in a wrong character somewhere. Take a close look to make sure your requiredDataFiles.json additions fit the pattern correctly.

My server crashes whenever a certain player joins it. What is going on?

It's possible that the data of the cell the player spawns in has somehow gotten corrupted. You should post about it on our forums or ask about it on our Discord so we can try to fix it for you and ensure it doesn't happen for others in the future.

I don't have Morrowind installed in its English edition. Can I play with other people?

If you have the French or German editions of Morrowind installed, you will not be able to join the vast majority of servers.

The French and German editions are not compatible with other languages because they contain hardcoded translations of interior cell names and dialogue topics. You can still host a server with them as long as you put in their checksums in your server\data\requiredDataFiles.json, but you shouldn't try to combine them with other editions unless you want to experience severe issues.

The Russian edition contains localization files providing a softcoded translation that is compatible with the English edition.

We have not been able to try any other language editions. Feel free to provide us as much information as you can on them.

I have the English edition of Morrowind, but don't have the same checksums for Morrowind, Tribunal or Bloodmoon as those used by servers. What is going on?

Servers use the checksums of the English GOTY edition by default.

If you are using the original CD version of Morrowind or one of its expansions, ensure that you have installed the latest official patches for them.

If you are using the Steam version of Morrowind's GOTY edition, try verifying the integrity of your game files.

Why am I having problems joining a Linux server with my Windows client, or joining a Windows server with my Linux client?

In order to be compatible, the client and server need to know they are using the same oldest compatible commit hash, or they will refuse to connect to each other.

How playable is TES3MP as of now?

Very playable as of version 0.8.0, with some exceptions:

* The more complicated ingame scripts in Morrowind, its expansions and its mods were designed for singleplayer and use variables that cannot simply be synchronized across all players at all times because sometimes it doesn't make sense (as some variables should be per player, not worldwide) and sometimes it causes massive packet spam (as with a barrel floating in the water that changes the value of a variable every frame). For this reason, the server scripts need to specifically select which ingame scripts and variables are synchronized, saved and loaded. This is a gradual process that requires extensive testing.

* NPCs do not treat everyone the same. Only the player on whose client their AI is being run will get greeted by them or chased down by guards attempting an arrest.

* NPC dispositions are not synchronized, saved or loaded.

* Loot, creatures and merchant inventories never respawn unless the server resets the cell data for the cells they are in.

* Exploration of the local map (not the global map) is not saved or loaded.

* The part of the journal that tracks what NPCs have said to the player for different topics is not saved or loaded.

* Time doesn't pass by resting.

Does TES3MP receive the improvements that OpenMW does?

For every major version, TES3MP's code repository takes in all of OpenMW's changes, which means that main TES3MP releases are based on relatively recent OpenMW code.

Is TES3MP a part of OpenMW?

TES3MP is currently regarded as more of a sister project to OpenMW, though we are open to the idea of merging with OpenMW in the future should their developers desire it. We also have a subforum on the OpenMW website[] and we have been featured in their news announcements[].

How large is the TES3MP team?

It used to be 2 C++ programmers (Stanislav and myself), but Stanislav has been mostly inactive in recent times.

How long have you been working on TES3MP?

After experimenting with OpenMW in the summer of 2015, Stanislav started adding multiplayer functionality to it in December of 2015. That was the birth of TES3MP, and he worked on it alone until the 8th of July 2016, when he first released its code on GitHub.

That same day I created this group. After compiling TES3MP for Linux and writing a guide about it, I was invited by Stanislav to join TES3MP officially as a developer, and I've been fixing problems and adding features ever since. My main contributions so far are the massive features of NPC sync, quest sync, world sync and state saving/loading.

How functional is the AI?

AI works quite well now. There are a few situations where NPCs react differently to the client on whose their AI is running, by only greeting that particular player, by only following that player during quests, or by only trying to arrest that one player in the case of guards. However, the game is very playable even with those quirks, and they will be fixed in the foreseeable future.

How many people will be able to play on a server at the same time?

There is no clear limit, but the server currently starts crashing after a few dozen due to having to save and load data too often.

Why is so much of the logic kept clientside instead of being moved to the server?

Our parent project OpenMW is a singleplayer-only engine recreation of Morrowind's engine that does not use a client-server model. As a result, the TES3MP client is a modified version of OpenMW, with the server application being exclusive to TES3MP.

We intend for TES3MP to keep including all changes and improvements made to OpenMW indefinitely, which means most logic needs to continue running on the client until OpenMW decides to merge with TES3MP and/or switch to a client-server model. The only alternatives are deviation from OpenMW or significant duplication of OpenMW's clientside code on the server, neither of which are desirable.

How do I enable distant terrain?

Follow the instructions in this OpenMW news post.[]

Can I make it so players don't share quests on my server?

In theory, yes, by changing a line in your server's config.lua from this:

config.shareJournal = true

Into this:

config.shareJournal = false

However, Morrowind's quest logic and NPC dialogue is built around the existence of a single player. As a result, the vast majority of questlines will break very quickly if their states are not shared across players.

The ability to disable journal sharing is more appropriate for new worlds or areas built specifically around multiplayer, or servers where manual adjustments have been made to quests to ensure they work in a more MMO-like way.
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