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18. kesäkuu, 2010
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µCosmos Gaming Community

We have the most chilled out servers you may find in this lifetime!

Which games you ask? Well, Killing Floor, Sven Co-op, Synergy, Team Fortress 2, The Ship, and Zombie Panic! Source.
Go to for the addresses!

Whether you enjoy beer, cheese boards, cigars, Doritos, excessive swearing, weed, or whiskey; you've come to the right place ;)
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26 kommenttia
flowers 28.5. kello 6.50 
Best damn synergy server in existence
Swiborg™ 31.12.2017 kello 18.32 
played on mucosmos synergy server for quite a bit, its a great server and has something about it that makes me not want to leave the server or its community, has some pretty decent admins too which are something you don't see much these days on any game
Sigma¹ 27.12.2017 kello 13.21 
Best damn synergy server in existence
🐺🏫 Tojo nozomi💤🦀 27.12.2017 kello 7.52 
da da da
Swiborg™ 22.5.2017 kello 7.44 
Admiral Sadean 3.1.2017 kello 19.49 
Hello, I just started player on one of your "The Ship" servers ( It was my first time playing and I spawned in a room. There was one person who was standing in the doorway and was not moving. Being impacient, I killed him and I was banned from the server because I killed too many innocents, even though I had just killed him. (Yes, It was a very noob thing to do.) If you could please unban me from that server, it would be much appreciated as it was very to fun to play on the short time I was there. I'm not sure what name I would have to give you to unban me, because it banned me from my Steam ID. Could someone respond and help me figure this out? I tried friending Refalm on Steam but he has not responded yet.