Mr. Man Productions mmprsg
Mr. Man Productions mmprsg
December 22, 2010
ABOUT Mr. Man Productions

Where dreams DO become reality!

What do we do?
We create a variety of things: multimedia, game servers, mindless nonsense, and most importantly, tear-jerking folklore that's passed down from generation to generation. Our flavors may vary from time to time, but one thing that will never change is our desire to have fun and build a great community.

Eons ago, in a time where computers cost more than $20,000 each, a frail manchild was prematurely born far, far away in the the microtransactional world of Battlefield Heroes. Mr. Man, as they named him, was deemed the 'runt of the bunch,' shortest of 10 children. Despite having no useful skills, Mr. Man created a video that exploded into spicy internet success. Unfortunately, the sudden rise of internet fame also quickly brought his downfall - Mr. Man and friends were banished from Battlefield Heroes forever after triggering the "Parrot Uprising" of November 2009 while fighting against EA corporate greed.

Mr. Man roamed the internet aimlessly for six months thereafter until he was introduced to Minecraft by his loving companion, Bobkabob. Along with VoiceActorMan (Dodge), the trio created the "Minecraft PSA" series which rose to critical acclaim instantly, turning Mr. Man into a BitCoin billionaire overnight. Even though he rose rapidly both in virtual and real-life social standing, Mr. Man's team and the series suddenly passed away on a dark December night in 2012 from a quick onset of frostbite.

Nowadays, Mr. Man again wanders the vast expanse of the internet, searching for a purpose to make his mark once more in the cold, cruel world.

Lux[]: for creating a great majority of the plugins we run on the servers which provides dynamic gameplay!

dustin for fixing the workshop downloader script so I saved lots of time uploading custom campaigns onto the servers.

Supporting us:
Buy us a cup of coffee! All of your charitable donations will go straight into server and operation costs.
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Server Leech List Update

Please post if you have any questions.

[2020] Season's Greetings and Server Year-End Summary!
Wow! Another year went by just like THAT!
Hopefully the coof didn't kill any of you - well actually, I expected the coof to not have killed ANY of you because I am sure by now you've had so much experience dealing with the infected in this game that you will immediately know what to do in real life too.

Our steam group continues to grow at a very healthy pace - from around 2700 members at the end of 2019 to over 4000 as of this writing. Together, we reached the 1 BILLION point mark back in October: which is certainly no small feat. With that said, I want to highlight outstanding player achievements as of 12/23/2020:

Stats summary
Our top players for each server as of 12/23 for each server are as followed:

1. Gory Paradise:
- 6,635,959 points
- 1.40 months SPENT in the Gory servers, SUPER efficient!

2. Shoot-a-thon:
- 20,662,390 points
- 3.95 weeks SPENT in the Shoot-A-Thon server!

3. Vanilla:
- 2,396,945 points
- 2.67 days SPENT in the Vanilla server!

Congratulations to all of the top players listed and Glu may actually do a clean sweep next year at this pace! As a group, our players have killed a grand total of 134,583,749 zombies, close to DOUBLE the number from 2019! To date, we have served 310,034 players, which is almost 2x the amount of players we served in 2019.

Co-op (#1) and Survival (#2) (4.39 years and 3.42 years total playtime, respectively) remain the most popular modes played followed by realism and mutation mode. In sum, players have spent a combined time of 7.91 Years (3,827,575 min) in the Gory Paradise, 1.10 Years (534,222 min) in the Shoot-A-Thon, and 1.57 Years (759,499 min) in the Vanilla servers.

To read more on server and player stats, go here:

1. Gory Paradises:
2. Shoot-a-thon:
3. Vanilla:

Things to do for 2020:
By not dying from the coof it means that we'll continue expanding server capacity once 2021 arrives. We've identified 2 hosts which will work well for Asia/Europe and bring lower ping to those located in those regions respectively.

Finally, special thanks to...

1. Lux[] for providing great plugins for us to enjoy and to expand upon the core gameplay into a refreshing experience.

2. dustin for fixing the workshop downloader script so I saved a lot of time uploading custom campaigns onto the servers.

In summary
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years and as always - kill more zombies! :emofdr:

Gene6ix Feb 26 @ 2:01pm 
@mr man add more ppl to a server instead of just 4
Mr. Man! Feb 21 @ 7:44pm 
Ok. In the future please post map requests in the map request thread.
BlackRon Feb 21 @ 3:13pm 
Hi Mr. Man, can u add City17 v3.2 map to Gory Paradise please? thx bro
Mr. Man! Feb 20 @ 10:20am 
i never got game freezing, just some ping spikes when a huge mob spawns. will take a look
Angxl Feb 20 @ 8:29am 
i never played shoot a thon, i play other which is not vanilla
Angxl Feb 20 @ 8:28am 
but like my game freezes for like 1-2 seconds, and i think i hold space and W and my ping suddenly increases
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December 22, 2010