STEAM GROUP - Test your luck
STEAM GROUP - Test your luck
June 11, 2013
ABOUT - Test your luck

Brace yourselves. Richness is coming. is a new community website which allows you to win items basing on a Raffle system through events exclusively with Team Fortress 2 items.

There are 6 different types of entry:

You can play to win Weapons, Metal, Hats, Miscellaneous, Keys and even Unusuals!

Events that you can play exclusively with DOTA 2 Items. Accepted items rarity rare and treasure keys.

Events that you can play exclusively with CS:GO items.

You can play to win from Consumer Grade Weapons to Classified Weapons, even with cases.

Events that you can exclusively join with Steam.

You can play to win Booster Packs, Steam Cards, Steam Emoticons or Backgrounds and Steam Games.

Events that you can join with Luckycoins which are special coins you earned from play and also not winning an event).

You can play to win more luckycoins, low and high tier hats/misc.

Events that only require to play once to entry.

You can play to win Craft Hats, Strange Weapons, Steam Cards, Gift Wraps and sometimes Unusuals!

Advantages over other raffle websites.
• Everything works with automatic bots, coded by ourselves, which make everything safe, secure and fast.
• The event is immediately executed after the tickets were sold.
• You can claim your prize (if you are a winner) even a second later the event had finished.
• Even if you lose, you will get luckycoins which are coins you would be able to exchange for items or special events.
• We do not have any type of advertisement ( No ads, No Pop-ups)

Join the group to be aware of all the upcoming special events.[/b]

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Farewell gambling, farewell Lucky...
Dear players,

As you might of heard Valve has made changes with the API in steam and because of this we are forced to close the site as of now. I had plans to remake the site but with light of recent changes in the API this will no longer be possible:

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for this great experience and thank you to everyone who supported me on this site. This was also my first project and with all the help here it helped me create and you will all be in my heart.

The site will be open for 2 weeks to allow people to make withdrawls: Unused tickets, Itemcoins and Luckycoins. Also you can use your luckycoins and join Free and Giveaway events without need to play,

For withdrawn unused tickets:
  • 1. Login Login through Steam.
  • 2. Click on your Avatar/Name.
  • 3. Click "Refund Items" and follow the steps for get your items.
I hope you all enjoyed the site while it lasted and i hope to see you again in the future.

LeonSK :leon:

Tip of the Hats event about to begin!
It’s that time of year again!

Tip of the Hats is back for 2015, and our 3rd annual event is bigger than ever. This year will feature expanded event and player lineups, new in-game items exclusive to Tip of the Hats donors, and a live studio production.

Our first two events were some of the biggest events in Team Fortress 2 history. Thanks to the community, both events combined have raised over $140,000 total for Children’s Oncology Services This year, with your help, we can raise the bar even higher.
  • WHAT : An annual charity TF2 livestream event raising money for OneStepCamp
  • When : September 19th and 20th, 2015 (Stream starts at Noon EST on Saturday)
  • Where : Live studio production in Chicago, IL. Streamed on
Donations and raffle entries are open now! to be taken to the donation page. All donations go directly to OneStepCamp.

You can participate and get involved by:
  • Joining the twitch chat and enjoying the stream!
  • Play pubs with prominent Youtubers!
  • Bid on signed items in the steam group! (Auctions)
  • Donate to have a chance in the raffle! (There are more of 100 unusuals and 3 Golden Pan!
More information can be found on the website:

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