Linux Game Server Managers linuxgsm
Linux Game Server Managers linuxgsm
February 9, 2015
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CedarLUG Mar 11, 2016 @ 4:57am
Success, Notable achievements, and Shoutouts.
While much of the dialog on this LGSM Steam discussion list focuses on problem solving and troubleshooting, these are the exceptions. There exists an abundance of successfully-deployed LGSM instances and perhaps you'd like to share your success story here.

Hearing from the savvy-side of server sysadmins like you would be a great way to widen the LGSM community.

Use this discussion thread to:
  • Give a shoutout to the LGSM devs.
  • Let the community know of your particularly-unique deployment using LGSM.
  • Just post a short "Success! Got Rust/Gmod/CSGO/FoF working here!" confirmation.

Avoid IP addresses, hostnames, and gratuitous plugs for your particular servers. Those will be deleted.
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[LGSM] KnightLife Mar 11, 2016 @ 9:11am 
As the head developer of LGSM is support this message! :-P

But seriously this is a great idea. I really do want to hear all about how your using LGSM successfully. I pretty much work off positive vibes coming from people using LGSM and it drives me to keep working and improving yeah, Spread some love and storys about your LGSM setups. It always makes my day :D
./ultimatebyte Mar 11, 2016 @ 10:05am 
Well, my love story (#nohomo) with LGSM started almost 2 years ago now, so i've got a lot to say!

I'll start quoting myself with something that sums up my experience with Linux and LGSM.

Starting with LGSM
"I started Linux by hosting a forum (it required SSH and domain names knowledge, and FTP/PHP/Apache2 server deployments) and a TeamSpeak server, then, as i hosted a Garry's Mod server (needed SteamCMD knowledge) [...] Then I discovered LGSM, which changed my life and the way i was managing my game servers quite a bit by simplifying deployment and maintenance, and started making more and more servers."

Being a part of LGSM
Around 10 months ago, I was used to LGSM and it's simplicity, and was then bored to still do too much manual stuff on my servers (updating plugins, making FastDLs for example), so I started making some BASH scripts for that purpose.
Eventually, i got involved helping others with their issues and came up wanting to integrate my functionnalities into LGSM. Things went to the next level when Daniel (KnightLife) then proposed me to be a Collaborator on github.
I learned how LGSM is working with the help of Daniel, and now have a pretty good knowledge of LGSM, enough to update the wiki, add new games, help users with many issues, add or improve some functionnalities, and create some fixes.

I'm currently running 11 Garry's Mod servers, 2 CSS Servers, 2 TeamSpeak servers, 1 TF2 server, and the last one, a Rust server ! All that on one (quite powerful) single machine.

According to the last LGSM download stats ( ), there are a lot of people that may use LGSM without feeling the need to post anything. Hopefully you guys will use that topic to share your experience !
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CedarLUG Mar 11, 2016 @ 5:19pm 
I got started with LGSM through our Linux Users Group (CedarLUG) activities. We often host LAN parties for members and the community, and LGSM provides an excellent way to deploy and maintain game servers for our events.

Originally posted by UltimateByte:
According to the last LGSM download stats ( ), there are a lot of people that may use LGSM without feeling the need to post anything.
That's my impression as well. There are many successfully-deployed LGSM servers, which is why I wanted to start this thread.

I just might be running a majority of the Fistful of Frags servers in those stats.
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Skullmasher Aug 2, 2016 @ 10:16am 
Well Hello There.

I'm basically some what of the silent majority then. Just like you said Cedar the first time I used LGSM was for a setting up some server for a lan party as well.

I have always manage the server for my humble gaming community by hand with the valve documentation. I gradually started to write bash scripts upon bash scripts to automate the whole thing.

Recently I said enough. Bash is not a language I want to spend time with. And I do not have the time to maintain what I wanted. So I spend a day reading the source code of LGSM and reading where the project it's at looking at the github issue. Last thing I did was of course testing on my local machine with a couple of games and mod. By the end of the day I was sold. So the next day I took a new OVH Kimsufi server (I5 750 - 16gigs of ram - 2to raid0) and started migrating the old game servers.

I must say that the project as matured very well and feels like a must have. What a relief. I would clearly not have done better myself. The LGSM project as resolve the alert, update or easy log consultation problems brilliantly. LGSM also ease the learning curve in game server management I feel. Also I did not find any difficulty explaining to my friend how to operate the game server when I'm not there.

Here's my LGSM story. I'm looking forward to get more involve in the community now.

I'll see you around then. Cheers.

PS: Sorry if my writing is bad I'm still improving.
KeeNuM Jan 23, 2017 @ 11:34am 
Success! Got Ark working here! I setup a Linux ark server manually... then found LGSM. Needless to say, I wiped what I had. Started over with LGSM and bam everything was seamless. Ty ty ty
CedarLUG Jan 23, 2017 @ 11:44am 
Originally posted by KeeNuM23:
Success!... Ty ty ty
yw yw yw!

I stumbled across LGSM while looking for a gameserver panel.
While these are two different things LGSM does all the heavy lifting for you,
it honestly is as simple as downloading dependencies, downloading the script, making it executable and then off you go!

Ofcourse you have to change config files to suit your needs but this is natural.
And yes, there can be hiccups, which happen to be completely unrelated to LGSM.
Mainly poor kernels (Thanks OVH...) and some chmod issues.
But none of this matters because the "staff" if I can call them that :D are more than helpful and with multiple "frustrated" users explaining their issues they do their utmost best to help and in my case they were successful :)

Overall, LGSM is a great tool and very useful for running gameservers on Linux Machines.

Sincerely, a very happy LGSM user!
Khelgar Jan 24, 2017 @ 4:33am 
Guess I should express my gratitude.

I've been using LGSM for almost a year now. I have used it for 7 Days to Die, Insurgency, Day of Infamy and Don't Starve Together servers. For a complete Linux n00b it made the process of setting up and managing a server so much easier than doing it manually, like I had been doing (with various degrees of success) previously.

The support on the Discord channel is excellent especially as most of the issues that are raised are nothing to do with LGSM and are usually due to user ignorance of Linux basics or other parts of the various distros that cause the server to not work.

I read the discord regularly and have learned a lot from it.

The Github wiki has a ton of info that helps with everything from setup to permissions to cronjob setup for automation of the server and a bunch of other specific game related stuff.

Overall I'm extremely happy with LGSM and it is continuously being developed, expanded and improved. 11/10
radmin Jan 25, 2017 @ 8:40am 
I've only started using LGSM late last year, but it has done afine job on my archlinux server.
The only thing that may be cumbersome is that I'll have to watch out to build a few/one? package/s from source that aren't in the repos like bsdmainutils.
MC Idle Feb 11, 2017 @ 3:53am 
Simply the best Linux Gameserver tool ever. Light weight, fast, easy install and easy to use. You almost dont need any linux knowledge and an helpful, friendly, polite and kind community. Just join the Discord chat an be a part of it :gmod::gmod:
Twonk Feb 23, 2017 @ 7:26pm 
I've been working on a few different ways to host and run a few servers on my box, tried open game panel, game panel x, scripts... you name it, i've probably tried it.. nothing worked the way i want it... Was googling how to set up an Arma3 server for a few buddies to play and found LGSM. Decided 'eh wth, lets give it a whirl', fired up the ssh session, and go the script ready, and it was so simple, i have a running server... so, with that being said, i'll be moving my other servers over as well, (MC, Ark, TS3).

the only downside is, it doesn't allow (unless i missed it) custom directory settings... I didnt create a user for each game, I just made folders for my one user account (~/Arma ~/TS3 ~/MC etc...) but would be nice if the script would allow or ask if a directory needs to be set.

Thanks to the folks who put this together. I look forward to working with it more through out the year.
CedarLUG Feb 24, 2017 @ 3:26am 
Originally posted by Twonk:
the only downside is, it doesn't allow (unless i missed it) custom directory settings... I didnt create a user for each game, I just made folders for my one user account (~/Arma ~/TS3 ~/MC etc...) but would be nice if the script would allow or ask if a directory needs to be set.

That's quite well supported. See the Wiki on multiple servers[] and look at option #2.
PACman Apr 14, 2017 @ 9:13pm 
Working with LGSM for more than a year, i compared a lot of Gameserver Managers but this one is the best and its free! Sadly you couldnt proceed the Web Admin Interface Project with one of your mates, which would give great benefit to people not able to use a terminal.

I had lots and lots of issues with Arma3 Hosting and it was quite a learning process to go through but good news i made it so far.

Running this setup only for our community (too lazy to get more details thrown out srry)
- Dedicated Overpowered Game Server (webtropia)
- Debian 8 <3
- Arma3 Campaign Server incl. 1 Headless Client per Core (total 3)
- Arma3 Private Server
- Arma3 Training Server
- Teamspeak Server
- Big Ark Survival Server for another community

Anyone who needs some infos on how to get Arma3 running on Debian is welcome to ask, there are tons of tweaks you can do. Server runs now for more than 250 Days without major incidents.

Great Job man thx a lot for this Tool! I hope Bohemia would support Linux more.
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Jutsch Dec 18, 2017 @ 2:41am 
I'm verry impressed: With LGSM ist so easy to setup a gameserver. I tried my luck with "PufferPannel" - but there is no real Steam-Support. Then I tried "Pterodactyl Panel", failed many times to even get it running. After I managed that, to set up a gameserver is really hard. So I looked around and found LGSM. It's the best: So easy to setup and use. Thank you!
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I'm using lgsm experimentally for a month or more and it's like the most helpful tool ever ! Epic documentation and guideline, pretty well written, free and open source(FOSS), the terminal is returning properly info's about the command written( even steam has a bad terminal interface in some points...) I'm using it on cloud with 2gb ram, 1core, and a good (high speed) but trafficking bandwidth. Also I 've just setup a home server that hosts one more csgo server ( I still have to test it...) Location, Athens,Greece
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