The Guild 2: Renaissance - Legacy Modpack TG2-RLMP
The Guild 2: Renaissance - Legacy Modpack TG2-RLMP
August 20, 2013
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McCoy! Feb 5, 2016 @ 3:40pm
Out of Sync Tips & Tricks For Multiplayer Games
* Right Click on your internet connect in the taskbar then click STATUS. Ensure your LEASE will NOT expire during the time you are playing

* When the lease expires it will reset your internet connection causing an automatic OoS.
You can change the length of time that your lease expires in your router settings

NOTE: When you change that setting it will also renew your you can do this if it will expire in a few hours!

- For Detailed information about Out of Sync issues please click on this LINK <---This link contains gameplay tips AND hardware tips to reduce the amount of OoS error you encounter in-game. READ!!!

- Everyone must be using EXACTLY the same files/mods - If you are unsure if you have made any changes please reinstall the game in advance to make sure both games are identical

- Ensure all player have the latest patch installed (4.17b) Steam users must install this patch manually. It does NOT update automatically via steam <--- not patching game will cause OoS issues

- Do NOT overwrite existing savefiles...create new ones!!!! Saving over-top of existing savegames increases the chance of corruption

- Do NOT make any alterations to your config.ini file! ALL must be identical

- To save a game press esc and manually save from the menu (HOST SAVES THE GAME ONLY!!!!)

- If OoS occurs both players quit the game to desktop! Restart the game and then whoever was HOSTING loads the last save and waits for your partner to join

- Try Using Tunngle instead of hamachi for lan games

- Use Xfire for in-game chat/voice (tested extensively and works GREAT. Steam chat was tested and caused freeze error I do NOT recommend using steam chat in-game)

- Compare you and your partners internet speeds (try playing against people with similar internet speeds and CPU specs)
And as I stated above use tunngle rather then hamachi. Tunngle was created specifically for playing lan games online, hamachi was NOT

- Everyone need EXACTLY THE SAME FILES <--- Mods are okay but EVERYONE needs to have exactly the same ones installed. Any difference in files can lead to an OoS error

- Make sure all players have EXACTLY the same in-game video settings when playing MP games. <--- high texture detail is okay but turn EVERYTHING else off (Vegetation, animals, watershader, shadows, building transparency...ect)
^^ it can only help prevent OoS due to graphic driver issues to turn the settings down or off. Even turning texture detail down would be a good idea if people have lower powered computers and/or weak internet connections.

* Make sure to take the time to communicate with each player before starting a Multiplayer game. Following these steps will help game stability significantly

Theory on how to prevent OoS due to memory leak
The game may still has a minor leak even if you don't touch the settings. If all of your ram is taken well then of course you're gonna OoS

Instead of OoSing and losing a full turn it may help to save, exit out of the game and reload. I understand this is annoying but OoS occurs anyways. If you do it this way and the game corrects itself before OoS occurs it could potentially be faster and LESS annoying.