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Jedi Fight Night JediFN
April 20, 2016
United States 
Why Is Clan KiLa banned from Jedi Fight Night?
They are a huge part of the reason my server has been down for the past 6 months and I explain in further detail here:
If the above link no longer works I've uploaded the thread here:

If Clan KiLa proves themselves as a more mature group of players who can take their current ban in stride I will reconsider them in the future and lift the ban. However due to the extent of the attacks this ban will be in effect for ATLEAST 6 months since that is the amount of time they rendered this server inactive.

Update: After reading the replies from "Retsnom The Great" I am forced to assume Clan KiLa is not going to do so well in proving themselves as mature players, however only time will truly tell.

Real original and mature Clan KiLa.

A little lonely in there?

...Oh must have been.

Gone so soon? You will be severely missed!!

Server Staff's opinion after reading all of this for themselves just now, lol. I thought you guys might try to attack my server like last time since someone said they had issues connecting to the server just now but it turns out everything is just fine. Maybe you guy's aren't as bad as you act.

I guess KiLa is never going to be unbanned, darn. Nice server name it made me laugh.

All 181 people who were banned due to this ordeal can be found here:
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DragonSlayerX May 13, 2016 @ 8:28pm 
Cookiemonster May 18, 2016 @ 2:14pm 
It is quite funny

XOXO <3 Shroomz
InfectedShroomz May 18, 2016 @ 2:24pm 
I have to admit it is kind of funny.

Well at least now your clan will understand why they are no longer welcome here. Hopefully Retsnom now realizes it wasn't some unidentified trolls either.

To clarify I have banned everyone in the following groups:

If you would like to be unbanned and were not a part of Clan KiLa you may leave their groups and post here.
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InfectedShroomz Oct 9, 2016 @ 3:47pm 
Update: Retsnom admitted to attacking the server and using hacks back when I didn't even know he existed, I thought Tuxy was the leader of KiLa originally. Retsnom said in the forum post that he had no knowledge until just "now" about the incident, clearly a lie. This entire clan will never be able to be anything other then cancerous because they are led by a lying, hacking, DDOS attacking piece of shit.

Thanks to Sir Shield for posting the video.
InfectedShroomz Oct 23, 2016 @ 8:40pm 
There have been lots of new KiLa members lately, sorry for your mistake on joining the worst clan in the game. You may still leave clan KiLa to be unbanned from this server. I understand most of you had nothing to do with this but it does not matter, you are part of a clan that does do these types of things and that is what you are representing with their tags. I will not have that represented here. I tried to address this issue on the forums and was instantly met with lies from Retsnom and you guys couldn't even handle a simple 6 month ban period or accept any ounce of responibility. Retsnom had a chance to redeem his clan and have them unbanned from the server after 6 months which would have been over this month by the way, but he couldn't be mature enough to have a civil dicussion on the matter and was later caught admitting to the acts. Here we are 6 months later and I'm still having to deal with members from clan KiLa harassing people on my friends list to get into contact with me over this matter. I even added Killercam to my friends list to discuss this further with him and was met with insults that Killercam was only the "messenger" of for Retsnom. Showing that they are STILL incapable of civil conversation even after all this time.

Bottom Line: KiLa will never be welcome here again unless the obvious 3(Retsnom, Tuxy and Cookiemonster) out of the 6 members who were caught hacking are banned from KiLa. This means removed from all KiLa steam groups, website and VoIP channels. You guys constantly claim Tuxy and Cookiemonster aren't in KiLa anymore yet Tuxy is still a mod for your private members only group page and cookiemonster is still a member of it. Ultimately though I know that you cannot remove Retsnom from KiLa as he is the rightful owner of that clan and there is nothing you guys can do about that, which leaves us with your only other option:

Leave KiLa if you want to be unbanned.

Do not contact me any further over this matter you guys have wasted entirely way too much of my time with your nonsense as it is.
InfectedShroomz Apr 26, 2017 @ 4:59pm 
A new year has started for Jedi Fight Night and with it we will wipe the banlist clear and start fresh with the community. KiLa has a chance to prove themselves one more time despite Retsnom admitting to the attacks. May we enjoy chivalry's dying breath together in peace over this next year.
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