International tournaments Shogun 2 ITS 2
International tournaments Shogun 2 ITS 2
July 28, 2014
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Rules S2 FOTS Civil War Tournament
The player who is top of the bracket becomes attacker and picks map in the first game, then players switch sides and defender becomes an attacker and map picker, maps can’t be repeated during a match, on tiebreaker both players have to attack, tiebreaker can''t be picked during the match.

Pick the side!
Each player must pick a side and right it down when signing in: imperial or shogunate, for each side there will be a certain unit roster that players can use, after picking a side you will be bound to it until the end, switching sides is prohibited (for violation warning, if repeated technical defeat in 1 game of the match). However players can switch side until registration is closed, but after it’s closed switching sides becomes prohibited.
In the case of army build violations, if spotted during the battle, the battle will be re-hosted with the same armies, but with the exception that the violating unit must be removed from the army roster. Note that the violating unit cannot be replaced, only removed as a punishment for failing to follow the rules, unless the offended player agrees with replacing the unit with another. If the violation was spotted after the battle has been played, the battle won’t be replayed and the result of the battle will stand.

Imperial Roster limitations:
  • No Yugekitai
  • No Shogunate Guard Infantry
  • No Vermillion Bird Force
  • No Shogunate Infantry
  • No Shinsengumi Police Force
  • No Azure Dragon Force
  • No Black Tortoise Force
  • No White Tigers Force
  • No Shogunate Guard Cavalry
  • No lvl 9 Revolvers with extended range/ammo (Rev Cav without clan upgrades is allowed to use)
  • No lvl 9 Sharpshooters with 175 range/extended ammo (Sharpshooters without clan upgrades are allowed to use)

Special Rules for Imperial side:
  • Max 3 Red Bears
  • Max 2 White Bears

Shogunate Roster limitations:
  • No Tosa Riflemen
  • No Red Bears
  • No White Bears
  • No Black Bears
  • No Imperial Infantry
  • No Imperial Guard Infantry
  • No Kiheitai
  • No Imperial Guard Cavalry
  • No lvl 9 Carbine Cavalry with 150 range/extended ammo (Carbine Cav without clan upgrades is allowed to use)

Special Rules for Shogunate side:
  • Max 5 Azure Dragon Forces
  • Max 1 lvl 9 Rev Cav with extended range/ammo which is considered as melee cav
  • White Tiger Force is considered as militia and excluded from line infantry limitations, max 3 white tiger force units

General Rules and Limitations:
  • minimum level of player’s avatar must be 7, you can’t participate in the tournament having your avatar level lower than that, please upgrade your avatar to certain level
  • max 4 of the same unit
  • max 9 line infantry units, skirmishers(bow kachi, tosa reflemen, sharpshooters, yugekitai) are excluded from the limit
  • artillery is allowed
  • no marines (foreigners should not get involved directly in the conflict, they may provide guns and advice but that’s it)
  • max 2 gun cavalry (rev cav, carbine cav, imperial gard cav) gun gen, samurai hero and bow ki are excluded from the limit
  • max 7 cav with gen excluded
  • dojos: ON
  • no redline camping (red line rule is not applied when attacking/flanking) (for violation warning, if repeated technical defeat in 1 game of the match)
  • no avatar switching, gen skill tree points re-assign is allowed (for violation warning, if repeated technical defeat in 1 game of the match)
  • no veteran refresh (for violation warning, if repeated technical defeat in 1 game of the match)
  • no mono-coloring of flags allowed, the chevrons on your flags must be clearly visible (for violation warning, if repeated technical defeat in the match)
  • if a player has only cavalry left during the battle he becomes an attacker
  • no cheats, hacks, glitches (ex. using von Clausewitz’s “On War”, Light Infantry Officer, Zen-Like Silence and other unobtainable retainers) , unit abuse (for violation warning, if repeated technical defeat in the match)
  • no “pull through” mechanics abuse: it’s only considered “pull through” if a player blobbing more than 2 units to attack a unit or a group of units and after units engaged starting to spam move orders to create mass wavering/routing, pulling through 1 line unit with 1 cav to get to gen or to escape from surrounding/getting stuck in melee, or situation when unit(s) pulling through other unit(s) after getting attack order on a unit(s) behind is common situation that happens in micro intensive battles and players won’t be punished for this stuff, but if you think that your opponent used “pull through” mechanics against you on purpose and the situation was a game changing please contact admins, send replays and then admins and referees will make a decision: it can be either a battle replay or technical victory (for violation warning and game must be replayed, if violation repeated technical defeat in 1 game of the match)
  • no obscene language and insults towards admins, referees and other players disqualification may be the result (admin decision to spare or kick the player who violated this rule)
  • no major lags in battle if you cause it you will be given up to 2 days to fix your problems and if you can’t you will be excluded from the tournament (slo-mo matches won’t be allowed)
  • if the disconnect happened at the beginning of the battle and there is no decisive advantage, the battle is re-played with same army builds. If both players agree, they can change army builds
  • if the disconnect happened during the game the player with the clear advantage grants a victory, if there is no advantage present game must be replayed. If there are issues players have to provide screenshots and replays to designated referees and they will make the decision based on number of units, their position, quality and shape and etc.
  • in case of 3 consecutive disconnects at the beginning of the battle, technical defeat will be issued to the person responsible for disconnects
  • in case of intentional disconnect (drop), player who disconnected on purpose will be disqualified from the tournament, referees will decide if it’s intentional or not.

Please SAVE ALL REPLAYS and send them to
IMPORTANT!!! Saving replays is a must for a winner player (for violation -warning, 4 warnings - technical defeat in 1 game of the match)
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