|INC| Gaming Clan I <3 INC!
|INC| Gaming Clan I <3 INC!
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2007년 8월 11일
United Kingdom (Great Britain) 
|INC| Gaming Clan 정보

|INC| Gaming Clan Community Group

Please remember that by joining this group you are NOT a member of INC, this is our community group for all our server regulars and friends! If you wish to join then please visit our forums and make an application.

Main Admins / Owners: Grandma, Leon & Allstar

Events Team: JayJay, LexAdair & aciD

Server Reps: Sam O'neal, Ridge, Bane, Ordog, Garro, DJ Renegade and Giggity.

Tech Team: MrYellow

Please join this community group and if you have issues on one of our servers, contact whichever admins are online who will be able to assist you, please find one of the server rep members in the first instance if possible. Alternatively, you can submit a demo and ban to us for reviewing at

|INC| Gaming Clan HlStatsX Stats Site:


Italy 24/7

Dust2 24/7

Office 24/7

Standard Maps (Event Server)

Gungame Maps


CS:GO 128 Tic Standard Casual Maps (Event Server)

CS:GO 128 Tic Deathmatch Maps

CS:GO 128 Tic 1v1 Arena Maps

We are a friendly sociable clan who welcome mature and sociable members. Mature need not mean age, its a state of mind! The main goal of this clan is not to take part in lots of matches, it is to play as a community, get to know the people in the clan and play with them so that you build up friendships and so that you enjoy talking to a bunch of like-minded people in-game and on the TeamSpeak server.

We do also play a number of other games as well as Counterstrike, so please feel free to come and see if we play a game you enjoy.

TS3 details:
No Password

The clans servers don't run themselves either, so if you're a member or regular user and you can afford to, please donate something like £2-5 a month to keep things going. However, the Tech Team and clan admins will spend plenty of time to make sure everything works and to set things up too.
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A Farewell...To the INC Servers
GTA V Online (PC)
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Izual_Rebirth 2017년 12월 19일 오후 5시 29분 
Gutted the servers are down. Used to spend many an hour on the Office map. Where is everyone playing these days?
✪ Subzzzy 2017년 6월 5일 오후 1시 16분 
#Garmi Gaming Community
JustCallMeDub 2016년 6월 7일 오전 6시 34분 
Skaboh 2015년 2월 15일 오전 4시 27분 
Hello everybody im on trail and i would like to chat/game with a few people so add me!!
Will Odinson 2014년 8월 11일 오후 12시 01분 
great stuff, i'll see some of you tonight then :)
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