Hospitallers of New Britannia HoNBritannia
Hospitallers of New Britannia HoNBritannia
May 3, 2016
ABOUT Hospitallers of New Britannia

Players Helping Players

We, the Hospitallers, would like to welcome you to New Britannia. Who are the Hospitallers, you ask? As part of the New Player Initiative, we are a team of dedicated volunteers, collaborating with the developers of Shroud of the Avatar, devoting much of our in-game and out-of-game time towards improving the new player experience. We are here to help you!

For many Releases, experienced players have helped new players as they have logged into the world of New Britannia. This has taken many forms, like the Welcome Quest run by the Duchy of Dara Brae, the Novian Academy by Phoenix Republic, or helpful players camping the new player spawn point in Soltown and greeting new players as they entered.

To help new players and Hospitallers find each other in-game, we asked the developers to add the titles Hospitaller and Outlander to the list of titles that all players can choose from. Starting in Release 28 (launched March 31), new players (or even veteran players) can press Keypad “-” and set their title to Outlander as a signal to other players that they would like specific help…or just general newcomer guidance. The title of Hospitaller was suggested by Lord British from his experience with the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA), and will be worn by members of the community volunteering their time to aid players, both new and old, in their exploration of New Britannia.

If you have difficulty locating a Hospitaller in-game, then the newly created player website, SotaHelp.Org, can help. You can ask questions offline (I Have a Question), schedule an in-game meetup (Help Me In-Game), browse the FAQ section and player resource area, contact us on Facebook, or email us at!

No registration or email address is required to use the services.If you do provide an email address, when your question is answered, or your scheduled in-game meeting is accepted, an automated email will notify you.

If you are interested in joining the Hospitaller team, we are always welcoming more people who would enjoy helping their fellow Avatars. To learn more you can contact one of the current Hospitallers, head over to the website and register as a Hospitaller, or join us for our weekly in-game meetings (Sundays at 11am CT, TeamSpeak 3 Server: Pax et Veritas,

Each weekly in-game Hospitaller team meeting is usually in Soltown, but is subject to change from week to week, so confirm the latest meeting details at

If you have ideas for how Hospitallers can further improve the new player experience in Shroud of the Avatar, please let us know!
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Legion of Myth May 21, 2016 @ 10:54am 
Today's Project: Hospitaller Notes Module! It allows Hospitallers to share Help Requests, Projects, Lessons Learned and Success Stories! Also -- got the Twitter Account Created (@sotahelp) so we can work on getting our activity shown in that social network as well :)