Steam Remote Play homestream
Steam Remote Play homestream
November 7, 2013
I'm the Cook Nov 13, 2021 @ 9:35pm
Slowness/Stuttering when playing with 3+ players & issue with multiple Phone devices
Hello, was wondering if anyone would have some insight on these 2 issues I have come across when trying to use Remote Play Together w/ Retroarch (emulating some n64 games).

Was trying to play some Mario Party with some friends. We spent a couple hours trying to get all 4 of us connected. We ended up only able to have 3 of us in the same session (4th player connecting would cause the session to massively lag for everyone else, up until 1 person DC'd)

1) First, as my friends initially did not have Steam on their computers, I convinced them to first try to connect through their Android and iOS devices by having them install Steam Link (this is the Invite Anyone functionality that Valve put out back in March). Then i am able to send them the Share link URL that is generated from my end. 1st person was able to join with no issue. However no matter what we tried, when the 2nd & 3rd person tried joining (we cycled connection order here as well), they would always get the following error msg like: "Streaming Error: Couldn't Connect To Relay"
Anyone know what this error would imply? I've literally tried restarting my computer fresh, turning off my firewall settings, and had my friends restart the phones as well. No success.

2) After going through the above scenario, convinced 2 of my friends to download Steam on their laptops and create accounts (3rd friend currently is waiting for a new laptop). After that, we were able to have everyone connect with the following setup:
- 1 person connected with an iOS device
- 1 person connected with a Windows 10 laptop
- 1 person connected with a Macbook
- myself am using a Windows 10 Desktop
After that, we tested Mario Party 1-3. After testing for about an hour, we've found that we were able to have a stable connection when 3 of us (myself included) were connected together and had absolutely NO issue playing the game (aside from very minor input delay). However, when the 4th person joins, that is when the session starts massively stuttering for everyone connected, until the 4th person disconnects. I should point out that all 3 of my friends here are using a WIRELESS connection (instead of wired). Would this be possibly related to the issue?? I feel like i may be answering my own question, but i am not sure how else to diagnose this lol. Currently, am waiting on the 2 friends mentioned to go out and buy an Ethernet cable, and see if that helps at all. But in meantime, I am wondering if someone has experienced any similar issue like this with hosting multiple players via Remote play? Or maybe able to provide some insight or some possible solutions?
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My problem is like that but with -fps ,terrible
Oh hey,

Yea i forgot about this post. I should mention that sometime after this post, i was able to host another Remote play session with 3 additional friends. 2 of them, including myself, were on a wired connection, and a 3rd person was playing wireless through their tablet. Connection was flawless, so there is likely something to that.

Seemingly, if you want more stability with your Remote Play session with more than 2+ people, make sure that your friends are using a wired connection if possible.
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