Steam Remote Play homestream
Steam Remote Play homestream
November 7, 2013
Poor performance for unknown reason.
My partner and I are on the same LAN, the host is nearby. We have Gigabit bandwitdh between eachother.


I'll update later with more info if needed.
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_I_ May 12 @ 5:16am 
its using steams internet relays
make sure windows network is set to private not public

you can put it in a [code] [/code] box here too
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Virosa May 12 @ 9:46am 
Yeah my network is private.

The only thing i could think of is that two of us on the same LAN are connecting to the Remote Play session, maybe the relay has trouble with multiple users on same IP.

I also updated my Drivers, alas it's hard to troubleshoot as the host is usually not available or for long.
_I_ May 12 @ 12:17pm 
the relay is outside of your house, its not using a direct connection

host <-> router <-> isp <-> internet <-> steam relay <-> internet <-> isp <-> router <-> client
30-40ms according to log (and bandwidth limited depending on isp connection)

instead of
host <-> router <-> client = 0ms even on 100mb/s lan or 1-10ms using wifi connections
only bandwdith limited by connection speeds between host and client

the internet relays work good as long as the host has a consistent upload speed 30+mb/s and client download speed is adequate and need to stream to outside your lan (ex. from your home to a friends house)

on host and client
steam -> settings -> remote play -> allow direct connection = enabled/all, not disabled

you will need to check the host network settings too

if using a wifi device, check router wifi settings, disable wifi isolation

any of those will stop traffic going directly between them
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Virosa May 12 @ 3:11pm 
I understand that. I mean we can all stream 1-4k at 60 FPS+ to each-other.

We are all on gigabit fibre.

Also the quality kept switching between bad and impossible to see anything. It also froze for half a second every few seconds.

To give perspective, it was easier to play looking at a discord screenshare than the remote play together stream.
_I_ May 12 @ 3:48pm 
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