Steam Remote Play homestream
Steam Remote Play homestream
November 7, 2013
Need Help with Remote Play and Non Steam Game (Origin & Mass Effect Trilogy)
Heyo guys,

so here's the situation. I own the Mass Effect Trilogy (original) on Origin/EA Play (bought years ago). I've added all 3 Games as Non Steam games to my Library and manually edited the target location to the .exe files for each Game. I've deactivated the Origin Overlay. When i start them on my main PC it works just fine. But as soon as I want to stream it via Remote Play to the Laptop connected to my TV in the Living Room it connects but then after a splitsecond goes back to the Steam Launcher. I've tried all the basics from reinstalling everything to clearing caches on both devices but nothing seems to work. Its not the connection cause I've checked it all and I am able to play other games via Remote play. But somehow as soon as i try a Game from Origin nothing happens. Can anyone help me here pls??
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_I_ May 8 @ 4:58pm 
can you run the game on the host using the steam library shortcut?

you may need to add the origin launcher to steam, and run it from that
you can use the controller chord profile to navigate the launcher menus
Hey Thanks for the reply. Yeah I can run it on the host without any problems. I've also tried adding the Origin Launcher but it didn't work unfortunately. But I did some more research and found a workaround for Geforce users. There is an Open sourced alternative to Remote Play for Games on other Launchers such as Origin or Uplay etc. It's called Moonlight. ( ). I hope this is helpfull for anyone who had the same problem.
_I_ May 9 @ 12:03pm 
if the game uses dx12, steam has some troubles grabbing it
moonlight works with most games tho
Do you think Steam will address that Dx12 Issue anytime soon?
_I_ May 10 @ 8:01am 
for now, check game settings for a dx11 or ogl/vulkan option
Thank you. I'll try it out.
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