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3 oktober 2015
OVER Hivecom

We are the Hivecom gaming network!

Join us! We are a gaming community that came together as a hub for a ton of sub communities and people that wanted a virtual gaming home to hang out and meet new friends! The group was originally based around the Teamspeak server of the same name but has since grown immensely. Our main server is located in Frankfurt Germany so if you live in Europe you can definitely expect a good connection. If you're not from Europe then no worries. You might have a bit of delay but it shouldn't impact you too much!

Not sure how to connect to Hivecom? Just use as your connection IP for Teamspeak. It's that simple. Alternatively you can go to the website and press the "Connect to Teamspeak" or "Connect to Discord" button.

At this point we also have a Discord server you can alternatively check out. Some members are more active there than on the Teamspeak but both are managed by the same people. If you want to connect to the Discord server you can use the following link but keep in mind for further use of the server you have to be registered by one of our members just like on the Teamspeak server!

Feel free to join this group if you want to take part in some of our gaming events or just feel like stopping by at some point!

Not yet registered on any of our voice servers? Go ask one of our administrators, moderators or approved members to make you a member! It's that easy!

We hope to see you around!
Game night resurrection!
SCP:SL Game Night!
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Catlinman 27 jul 2019 om 6:19 
imagine, now stop imagining
Jokler 8 sep 2017 om 16:06 
What's up with that?
Shizune 23 jul 2016 om 0:53 
Did someone say memes? :emofdr:
Wa ha ha! 3 okt 2015 om 23:03 
only if you promote me to witch status
Catlinman 3 okt 2015 om 16:18 
Gonarr: Is it okay if I add myself?
Wa ha ha! 3 okt 2015 om 12:43 
Add a meme