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October 22, 2012
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[Group buy] Go Go Bundle Mega #8 (0 left) [DONE]
Bundle Detail :

Go Go Bundle Mega #8 []


Price for each Go Go Bundle Mega #8 (50 pack or more):34.99/50*1,05 =0.74$ / pack.(If u dont have friend and family option u must contact me before send money).


I'm accepting paypal and CSGO keys if you want .

Paypal: Pls send as friend and family option. When u send it pls add note with your steam name and your email. Thanks.

My paypal email is:

Multi buy are allow but u must send money for them .If u are not send it , after 24 hour the post exist , i will pass your addition copy to late comer or i delete your additional reservation .

Buyer List Go Go Bundle Mega #8 :

1. Me
2. Jxt09 :Dosh: (Keys sent)
3. Zotm@n :Dosh: (Keys sent)
4. yaglak :Dosh: (Keys sent)
5. hmytos :Dosh: (Keys sent)
6. DZEJK | CS.ESQUAD :Dosh: (Keys sent)
7. PaVooLoN :Dosh: (Keys sent)
8. Sladas :Dosh: (Keys sent)
9. oepfi :Dosh: (Keys sent)
10. d3ToX :Dosh: (Keys sent)
11. d3ToX :Dosh: (Keys sent)
12. #ca_schaefer :Dosh: (Keys sent)
13. Akrat :Dosh: (Keys sent)
14.JohCar :Dosh: (Keys sent)
15. JohCar :Dosh: (Keys sent)
16. ABiZU :Dosh: (Keys sent)
17.RWarehall :Dosh: (Keys sent)
18. boerni54321 :Dosh: (Keys sent)
19. Danionet :Dosh: (Keys sent)
20. bnimrod :Dosh: (Keys sent)
21. torgi :Dosh: (Keys sent)
22. Teletapio :Dosh: (Keys sent)
23. eu50 :Dosh: (Keys sent)
24. ★Blýsøn★ :Dosh: (Keys sent)
25. Andrei [Андрей] :Dosh: (Keys sent)
26. CoolSysop :Dosh: (Keys sent)
27. kurono :dosh: (Keys sent)
28. Crazyian1000 :Dosh: (Keys sent)
29. 𝐢𝐓𝐬-𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐞 👑 :dosh: (Keys sent)
30. There we go :dosh: (Keys sent)
31. Moose :dosh: (Keys sent)
32. cdr4 :dosh: (Keys sent)
33. Bear :Dosh: (Keys sent)
34. sfarog :dosh: (Keys sent)
35. MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
36.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
37.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
38.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
39.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
40.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
41.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
42.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
43.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
44.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
45. Greenma :dosh: (Keys sent)
46.Willi2be :dosh: (Keys sent)
47. MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
48.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
49.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)
50.MrHToast :dosh: (Keys sent)

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Jxt09 Feb 14 @ 11:34am 
1 please
Zotm@n Feb 14 @ 11:37am 
1 please
pp done
hmytos Feb 14 @ 11:46am 
One for me ^^
pp sent
Last edited by hmytos; Feb 14 @ 11:48am
DZEJK Feb 14 @ 11:47am 
PaVooLoN Feb 14 @ 11:54am 
One for me, payment sent , thanks .
Can i just take Kingdom defense? I will paypal like $0.20 for it message me
Sladas Feb 14 @ 12:10pm 
1 please
oepfi Feb 14 @ 12:29pm 
1 pls, payment is on the way, thx for hosting!
Last edited by oepfi; Feb 14 @ 12:34pm
d3ToX Feb 14 @ 12:36pm 
2 pls
pp sent
I'll take 1.
Akrat Feb 14 @ 1:04pm 
One please. Payment sent.
JohCar Feb 14 @ 1:06pm 
2 copies PP sent.
ABiZU Feb 14 @ 1:23pm 
One, please!
Edit: Sent, thank you! :dosh:
Last edited by ABiZU; Feb 14 @ 1:27pm
1 please
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