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April 3, 2010
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fix point system?
usually when i go positive I still lose points, sometimes I'll get 3-4 kills per round but still lose points because someone just takes 15 points. i'd kindly request that the system be altered a bit to prevent such drastic loss of points.
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i agree. -15 is annoying.
koen.4Q Feb 4 @ 4:56am 
go see justin's response under "This is not right..." post
Originally posted by Justin:
TL;DR: That's not even 2.0 KDR, cry is free.

Here's my understanding of points:

When you die, the base points you lose is 5.

They then add based off this formula:

(Your points) - (Killer points) / 1000.


You have 9600
Killer has 6500
You lose 5 + (9.6-6.5) = 5 + 3.1 = 8.1

I'm not sure if this is rounded up (to 9) or down (to 8).

Now, the amount of points you lose on average varies greatly. Right now looking at the website the average points on west for
Terrorists is: 5,537
Counter Terrorists is: 5,389

But that changes depending on who is online obviously. Also, east has a lower average because the server is younger and the average points people have inflates over time from things like headshots, killstreaks, winning the round bonus.

If you want to go up in points, obviously you need to gain more points than you lose. The higher you are above the average, the more points you lose when you die.

Example 2, you have 9,600 points, and average from online players right now is around 5,450, so you will lose on average either 9 or 10 points per death.

Okay, enough talking about deaths and losing points. What about gaining points?

The same formula as before works, but this time you are the killer. If you are above average though, you almost always gain only +3 per kill. However, there are bonuses:
+1 per headshot
+1 for double kill
(Other stuff for triple and above that I forgot)
+1 for winning the round

Going off of your profile, you have 13% HS, 1.5 KDR, 45% winrate.

So on average you gain 3*1.5 + 0.13 + 0.45 = 4.98 points per round, and I'll be generous and add 1.0 for killsteaks.

You gain about 6 points per round but lose 9 to 10 on average for your stats, in a near worst case scenario.

In the picture above, you have 15% HS and 1.87 KDR, so you would gain:

3 * 1.87 + 0.15 + 0.55 (10/18 rounds won, although session is for multiple maps so this is just a guess) = 6.31, + 1 for killsteaks again to be generous = 7.31

Now, even then, it doesn't add up - you are about even when according to this math you should be negative in points. This means in that session, either the average points of the players online is higher than what I have here, or you are dying to people with points above average more often than not.

Okay. There's a lot going on here. What you should get out of this is, the points system benefits people who DONT DIE. How you avoid dying is up to you.

If you are really good you can just play aggro and outaim everyone.

Otherwise, you need to rely on getting free points by camping, baiting, abusing bullshit on the map, and always joining the winning team.

Most importantly, you need to NOT DIE if you really want to go up. The amount of kills you have doesn't matter. Your screenshot is unremarkable to me because, like I said in the beginning, that's not even a 2.0 KDR.

Get good or bait harder.
I get 4-5 points from ppl 2k above me and -6-8from 2k below me
Originally posted by minerminer69er:
I get 4-5 points from ppl 2k above me and -6-8from 2k below me

miner you can see that your kill per death ratio is getting worse as time goes by. you can see this in your session statistics here:

you can also see your profile statistics here:

overall... you should try to die less in the server to get more points. your averaging a 1:1 kill to death ratio and hovering around 7,000 points which seems about right.

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