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September 8, 2011
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Grip Dec 23, 2015 @ 7:32am
1. Do not spam voice chat, voice commands or text chat.
3. Keep friendly fire to a minimum (especially in advanced/expert coop).
4. Do not run ahead and ditch your team (automatic kick).
5. Be friendly and respectful to other players (that includes "noobs").
6. No racism, sexism, homophobic slurs, bullying, name calling, trolling or smack talk and keep cursing to a minimum.
7. No hacks, exploits, cracks...(automatic BAN)
8. Share health, weapons, etc. (veterans should share more)
9. Ask your team if they're ready before opening a door, pulling a lever, answering the radio or starting any event. Blowing up the gas station (No Mercy Campaign) while someone is underneath is an automatic BAN.
10. Use your health pack to heal others when appropriate. Don't be a loner or miser; work as a team.
11. No whining, complaining and crying! If you are bothered by another gamer (because they are not as awesome as you are) or losing causes you to pitch a fit, you are probably not someone we want to play with.
12. No excessive team switching. Again, if you need to always be on the winning team because you are a sore loser: this is not the server for you.
13. Don't spam the grenade launcher needlessly or hit teammates with it. If you don't know how to use it properly, leave it alone.
14. Keep sprays rated PG-13 and don't spray spam all over the place.
15. If someone is laying down incendiary or explosive ammo/bullets, do NOT steal their health pack. This is an automatic KICK.
16. Bind your microphone to a key (push to talk). No open mics (that includes being a DJ and playing background music = automatic BAN).
18. Do not idle for more than a couple minutes. You can also just inform your team that you will be idle and how long you'll be gone. Idlers/Spectators will be kicked automatically after 2 minutes.
19. No impersonating other players. No player names that violate rule number 6. Automatic KICK.
20. Do not scream into your mic (multiple times) or type multiple chat messages if you are pounced/smoked/charged/down/etc. Once is sufficient to alert your team.
21. Do not return to the server immediately after you have been kicked. You will be KICKED again. Multiple tries to re-enter the server will lead to a BAN.
22. A simple "Thanks" and "Sorry" work wonders. Please say them to keep things cool. ty = Thank You/sry = Sorry
23. If you are shot by a team-mate do not shoot back at them in anger.
24. Do not boss your team around.
25. Playing with the doors is a big no-no. For example: trying to keep players out of safe room or closing them behind you (so other players run into them)...yeah, expect to be banned.
26. Do not complain about lag, messed up mods, computer problems, etc. Leave the server and go fix your problem.
27. Inform and ASK other players before trying to get an achievement (for example: Guarding Gnome Chompski achievement in Dark Carnival). Only if they agree can you do it!
28. Do not steal gun/health pack/pills/adrenaline/throwables from a dead body. Offer it back if you take it (when the owner respawns or in the safe room). You can also just ask the player if you can use the items from their dead body.
29. Do not waste the throwables (molotovs, bile etc.).
30. If the server is set to "expert" difficulty and you do not have the skills to play at that level, leave.
31. Do not bile the tank.
32. In the campaign "The Sacrifice", the guy with the most health makes the sacrifice. If you all have equal health then "Bill" does the sacrifice at the end.
33. When charged, if you use the "multiple going idle trick" so you do not take any damage, you will be banned.
34. Don't heal someone who doesn't want healing. Don't force someone to heal.

*First offenders will be kicked without warning. On the second offense you will be banned temporarily. Third offense is a permanent ban.

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Siz Jan 9, 2016 @ 6:38pm 
Got kicked for some reason. But love this server.
MaximeDelaroux Jul 28, 2016 @ 5:27pm 
That's a lot of rules! All of which are most welcome! +1

Can't promise I won't accidentally hit anyone but I'll try my best to keep it to a minimum! ;)
Drknow Nov 15, 2016 @ 5:12pm 
Tomatoes Feb 20 @ 8:02pm 
This group sounds amazing! Finally, a respectable, civil and fun part of the L4D2 community. :boomer:
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