Games You Absolutely Must Have GYAMH
Games You Absolutely Must Have GYAMH
November 9, 2014
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Cr4zYcH1cK3nB0Y May 28, 2015 @ 11:45pm
Got Game?
I've been a long time gamer since I was old enough to hold a controller. I still remember sitting there playing Super Mario on the Nintendo, and the Super Nintendo, and the N64, and the.... ya, I think you get my point. Even before that, I dont want to show my age here, but Atari, Pitfall, Asteroids, and who could forget that old Frogger? Ya, I've had my fair share of game time in my days, but man has the gaming community changed since. There's so many games now, you'll probably never have enough time in your life to play each of them for even 10 minutes.

And then on top of that, most of the new titles are $60 a pop, really....? $60 each when theres a sea of games to swim in? And dont even get me started on Free to Play games... it's bonkers. I could understand paying $60 for a game if the game is revolutionary, like Super Mario 64 was back in the day, or if its just that one game you've been waiting on forever to release, but now-a-days, gamers have way too many games they can choose from. Not to mention communities handing out freebies all the time, ie. Origin, XBLA, etc.. Hell, you dont even "need" to spend a dime anymore to find some good games, just look in the free to play section, theres great ones sitting there just waiting for you to play them.

I know some of you may be rich enough or just dont care to spend $60 on a game, but there are a lot of people in this world who do, and who dont have endless flows of cash to spend yet. So this is mainly for them. Personally, I have so many games I dont know what to do with, I really dont "need" anymore, so its not that difficult of a decision for me.... all I have to ask is, "can I live without it" and 99% of the time the answer is "yes I can"

So really to the meat and potatoes. I'd like to share a few secrets of mine and sites that I've learned about over the years which has helped me to get such a ginormous collection of games.

1) Steam Sales:
I put this first because after all, this is Steam. And being steam, its a great place to buy your best video games. I'm not sure how many games they actually have on here, but lets just say, its a lot and there'll be even a lot more in a few minutes.
Steam Sales are quite possibly the best way to get AAA titles for the most reasonable prices. When Steam has a sale, all the companies are competing for you to spend your hard earned cash on their titles. Its like a feeding frenzy for them, and for gamers alike because the companies make a boatload of $$$, and we, the gamers, get a boatload of games :) Win win. However I will say this, anything less than AAA titles, thats where steam losses the race. Sorry Steam, we still love you

2) Retail Stores:
I'll tell you, a lot of people dont like to leave their homes anymore to find a decent game in stores. They're like, well, I can just get it cheaper online. And I'd say about 80% of the time, they're right. But I've noticed, sometimes, retail stores actually have a cheaper price than anywhere online. Some places have clearance games, others have games that are not on clearance but are just way lower priced than anything online. I'll give you an example: I was looking at Assault Squad, now given this was probably about 6 or 7 months ago, but I checked online and the cheapest I could find it was like $15, Staples had it for $5.... Not only did they have Assault Squad, but it came with another ASSAULT SQUAD GAME AS WELL! So I got 2 games for $5, where I would've spent like $30 on steam or elsewhere. So, when you go to the store, check for great deals on games, you never know what you'll find out there.

3) PWUW sites:
For some of you who get into indie games like I do, and who enjoy discovering and playing new games all the time, you probably already know what PWUW is. For those of you who dont even know what an indie game is or stick to AAA titles only, its time for some education :) PWUW is Pay What You Want. These are sites that allow you to pay a very minimal amount for usually, quite a lot of indie games. Sometimes the games are even AAA titles, but most of the time they're indie. They dont require much to purchase, however you usually have to spend a certain amount to get steam keys, and sometimes the minimum price is a set price. A lot of them offer you getting recognition or special items if you are the top contributor (signed games, t-shirts, cds, what have you), and some even go to help charities around the world. Its a great way to help out everyone imo: the indie industry, the charities, the sites, and even the gamers. I highly recommend checking some of them out. I will list a few here, however I'm sure there's a whole ton more out there. These are the ones I like check every so often: (Now Fanatical)

You can also find most deals or bundles here:

They all have their distinct characteristics you'll come to find, but they're all good in their own way.

Well, that pretty much sums up how to get some games into your collection. I hope this has helped a few of you who struggle ever having funds for games, or who just need a few more variety of games to play. Either way, this curator is for "Games You Absolutely Must Have" and this may help you get some of them :)

Good luck everyone!
See you gaming :)

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