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CS:GO: FRAXiTY Duels Server UP

As usally, you can use "!guns" to adjust your loadout.

Our server is using all currently supported maps (Dust2, Mirage, Cache, Overpass and Train) and lets you vote at the end of a match.

This game mode is still beta so expect some bugs and let us know what you think of our setup in the comments.
There will be more servers of the kind, like a pistol only setup, if poeple like the mod.

Please add suggestions, what you would like to have set up (Pistol Only, Dust2 Only, etc) to the comments.

Short Video Explanation of "Duels":

YouTube: Duels Video Explanation

Detailed Explanation (taken from boomix on github):

boomix님이 먼저 게시:
The concept behind Duels is to create realistic 1v1 situations that can occur on maps played in tournaments like Dust2, Mirage, Cache, Overpass, Train etc. It’s a brand new(ish) tool for practice and is primarily focused on positioning, peaking, and map knowledge. Knowing how to peak someone, how to clear angles with quick peaks etc. You can of course say that Deathmatch is just that but let me remind you that Deathmatch has its faults. Who hasn’t been enraged just because you immediately die after you spawned or when you are shot in the back over and over again? Often, you shoot players from behind and think you are the king of CS, but really, what does that do for you in terms of improving? Duels have none or very limited of that. You can say that Duels is a mix between Arena 1on1 and Deathmatch with instant spawns. Best of two worlds.


CS:GO: FRAXiTY Retake Server UP
Console Connect:

Add it to your favourite servers by using instead of an IP address. The server is public, meaning there is no password set. If we need an additional private server for the training, i'll set one up.

Server/Scenario Explanation:

At the start of the round each player gets a random spawn in the map, depending on the bombsite. There are special spawns for each bombsite and each team, the bomber gets his own spawn.

Every player gets a random grenade set and weapon, in each team there is only 1 awp and the awp player gets a stronger pistol by his choice. All the other players get rifles and a default pistol.

If the T's lose the round all the T's switch to CT and the top killers of the round in the CT team switch to the T's.

If the T's win the round the teams will stay the same if balanced.
If the teams aren't balanced the server will balance the teams (CT's have 1 player advantage)

Currently these maps are supported by the Retake Server:

de_aztec, de_cbble, de_dust2, de_inferno, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_train, de_cache, de_contra_b3, de_dust, de_mill_ce, de_nuke, de_season, de_toscan

User and Admin Commands:

Type "!guns" in chat to select your weapon and grenades.

As Admin you can use "!site a" or "!site b" to only play on bomsite A or B.


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Glück auf, ich bin neu hier, 🤪:hfbrawn::criticalhit:
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hallo flo
g1a coookin 2018년 7월 17일 오전 10시 17분 
(H) M9 Bajonett - Bright Water - Minimal Wear.
AK Point Diss... MW with Mouz Holo and Misfits Holo Sticker
(W) Knife Offers

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