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Conocidos de Franc1sco franug franug™|
August 26, 2011
Finally I have a good paid developer job so I am retired of sourcemod requests as job
I am retired of sourcemod paid jobs, if I do something after now it will be for free. I am really tired of deal with some "disrespectful" people just because they paid and since now I have a real developer job then I dont need a extra money like before. I am open to colaborate in communities for free, but only when I want and for fun, not as extra a job.

I will dont accept more paid request after now. I will finish the pending paid requests and no more. I have a good paid developer job and I don't need to have sourcemod plugins like a "extra job" more. Also I was really tired of deal with some people that think that I am his slave just because they paid some euros, and deal with almost 40 clients at the same time. My job in the office is extremly less stressful that it.

And for people that think that my code is not enought good, I will said that my enterprise where I have my job dont think that and surely they know better about code that some random embittered haters on internet. Anyway I never take care about my code in sourcemod plugins because I was thinking that it was only a hobby but seems that some people take this extremly serious.

For me if a sourcemod plugin works well is enough, but for some people this is not enough. Even in my enterprise are less serious and I have good teammates that support me, not like here that I was alone. Lucky I have my girlfriend for support me to keep going when I had no choice to do sourcemod plugins because it was my only source of income. Now its different and finally I am a real developer in a good enterprise.

Thanks to the people that supported me on internet, and I'm sorry if I didn't sympathize too much with you, dealing with so many people on the internet made me quite impassive.
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omg i am so happy for you brother <3
inside Sep 22 @ 9:37am 
congrats bro
congrats bro
so where can I get your stuff from now?
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I will release all my private plugins soon, for free, for everybody.
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When i still had no paid requests and i was releasing plugins for free, helping people for free and doing all just for fun and for help people, i was critizided anyway for my code or for my english. Dont care what you do, internet have a lot people that search reasons for hate to everybody. So much toxic people on internet, I am really very happy because I will dont need to deal to these people if i dont want
Of course that a lot people sent me his support too and some people declared me his admiration, but some others just trying to damaging me. No idea how a youtuber could deal with haters everyday, sometimes a bad comments cost more that the good comments.
When will you release your private plugins if I can ask?
Whenever i want, maybe in a months or days or when i want. I'm not in a hurry.
Ok, I can respect that it is your decision. I really want your plugins they are cool, But I do not have money to afford them.
Nice to see your support, I had you in my blocked list no idea why, but dont care, I'm not spiteful, if anyone wants to talk to me nicely, he's welcome regardless of what happened in the past. So I unblock you, you are welcome to add me whenever you want :)
@Franc1sco Franug, I was the guy that was asking you to help with ckSurf, Yeah It was kinda long time ago, I was very rude to you if I can remember.

i am releasing all! but i have a lot so maybe i continue tomorrow :p
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