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June 10, 2015
United States 
ABOUT [FC] Freelancer Consortium

Freelancer Consortium - #1 SWBF Clan 2009-2020

Freelancer Consortium
Top SWBF1 Modder and Skill Clan 2009-2020

[FC] is the last clan in SWBF since 2017. We host the very best servers for SWBF (v1.2) both PC and PS2 versions, as we have been doing for many years, for enhancing skill growth and providing replayability with new mods & hacks. Our dedicated server is located in Chicago USA at 40tps for improved shot registration. SWBF2 servers are not being hosted currently. Visit the official SWBFSpy Server list here:

The innovative mods [FC] has created have revolutionized the game and SWBF community in many ways. Our previous allied clans are no longer active, and nobody has what it takes to face our lineup of the top 5 SWBF players: Rage, Elite, Death, Helios, and Nino. Visit the SWBFSpy Leaderboards here:

[FC] has won over 500 official clan wars and all major tournaments, including all of the Great Galactic Wars, and every Intergalactic Clan Wars I-VII. We have a vast war archives gallery on the clan website. [FC] is the only remaining active clan in SWBF as of 2017. We defeated everyone and they quit the SWBF community since we moved to while we continue to uphold the amazing legacy of SWBF for many more years to come.

Phobos is the founder and admin for SWBFSpy, the official replacement master server to GameSpy for Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2. Support for Leaderboards is currently being added to the MS source code. [FC] is hosting TWD Battlefront servers for SWBF on v1.2 via the SWBFSpy MS.

Supported [FC] Games
- No More Room In Hell
- 7 Days To Die

Anyder Booted + Banned
Anyder is permbanned from [FC] and -={InViS}=- as of July 6th 2017 for malicious behavior. Among many other hostile actions, he attempted to discredit me for my community contributions, booted and banned me from public servers out of jealousy, and tried to usurp my SWBFSpy Leadership like a thief. He has been exposed on the clan website and more details are posted there. His trolling is revealed on and

Anyder the huso was booted from the [FC] EvolveHQ group and also perma banned from the [FC] Forums. He is no longer part of any [FC] groups on the internet and is also banned + blacklisted from [FC] servers. In late 2017 the poser got booted from a fake server too. Poor AnyFake thought he'd get away with abusing what little power he had temporarily been given lol

SWBFModders - The Future of SWBF
[FC] is officially the only clan left in the SWBF Community, we run the SWBFSpy master server, we do NOT support the failed FAKESpy coup d'état started by Anyder & Led. We do NOT support naziLamers or any other fake forums overrun by corrupt trolls. Go to to learn more and join our amazing community!
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