Fair Ste@m fairplugin
Fair Ste@m fairplugin
February 16, 2016
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Deusexit Feb 18, 2016 @ 3:56am
Why do I want this?
To be a smart gamer and make your decisions based on factual information.

How does FairSteam decide which videos to put in? Does it just choose the top 3 results from youtube?
No, it is not just top 3 results from youtube. Actually, there is a complex algorithm behind video selection.

A few points from algorithm's logic:
  • There are preselected channels for video search. At the moment more than a hundred of them.
  • All channels distributed by 3 categories: Very good content, good content, 'good content.. but'. The last category basically for screamers, let's players and persona-focused channels. Based on channel's category video gets base score in the system. The higher score, the higher chance for video to be in the first 3 videos you see in extension.
  • Video score get's modified based on views, duration, rating, flag words, let's play signs, etc..
What you see in the extension is the best video algorithm can find on youtube for each game.

I would still prefer to have gameplay trailers.
They are still there :) FairSteam doesn't modify promotion images\videos provided by Steam\Developers.

What is recent ratings?
It is basically the percent of positive reviews in the latest reviews on Steam.

How do you calculate recent ratings?
It is at least 100 recent reviews for at least one day, excluding release day reviews. For games out of early access it's also reviews after release only.

Any plans for FairSteam to work on a steam client
The only possible solution is full of hacks and pretty unsafe from consumer stand point. Probably not.

Is it compatible with Enhanced Steam or Steam Database?

What about performance?
Change in loading times haven't been noticed. This extension is extremely light weight.

Can I see a code for extension?
It is available on Github[].

There is no video for "game_name_here"!
Not every game has a video in this extension. Mostly because there are a lot of games on Steam that got a little or none coverage from youtube channels.

There is a wrong or unfitting video for a game.
Create new post here. I'll fix this.

How can I help you?
Spread the word! Share this extension with your friends and tell them why being informed is important.
Also 5 stars and a short review on markets would help a lot!

How can I reach you?
By email:
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