Expectation Checklist kiin review
Expectation Checklist kiin review
January 31, 2018
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📢 Disagree + Criticize

Glad you're reading this, thanks. Because many people not willing to listen and shoot first, then ask question later. I already prepared the answer of your complaint in different category, because you're not the first person who disagree or criticize.

💬 The symbol is not means to judge right or wrong, please don't confuse the purpose
❌ = Not available
✔️ = Available

Gaming Hours:
❌ Believe the Steam gameplay hour is the true gaming hour
✔️ True gaming hour is not reveal, because we able to gaming on PS4, Xbox, UPLAY, ORIGIN, EPIC, GOG, or playtest offline. And, Steam gameplay hours can be fake.

Review Method:
❌ Write review base on solo gaming hours
✔️ Write review base on Game Study hours = Not calculate by Steam
✔️ Write review base on Diverse Video Review = Not calculate by Steam
✔️ Write review base on Rumor Checking / Interview = Not calculate by Steam

Playtest Hours / Free to Play on Weekend:
❌ Must spend long hours in a playtest, no matter reviewer enjoy it or not
❌ Everyone shall not playtest an unfamiliar genre for a review
✔️ Reviewer have freedom to stop playing a game if feeling not enjoyable
✔️ Understand a playtest result is based on individual needs, not public needs

Gaming Purpose:
❌ Master the game at least 20+ hours on each
❌ Master all kind of Genre to impress the public
❌ "Master" is what gamer should be, for playing a game
✔️ Identify it is an "unwanted game" or not
✔️ Playtest the game to decide which game is enjoy-able for individual needs, not public needs
✔️ Switch time to spend hours in favorited genre

Purpose to Review Unwanted Game:
❌ Advertise the game for developer, because received a gift
❌ Tell everyone how much I hate in a game that doesn't fit me
✔️ Provide information for customer
✔️ Provide suggestion for developer

Review Purpose:
❌ Use words to make reader falling love into the Game
❌ Use words to make reader hate the Game
❌ Show off my humor skill to impress people
✔️ Prepare it myself for game label
✔️ Summarize all the element that worth considerate for price value
✔️ Share with my Close Contact = Friends / Followers / Group Members

Review Precision:
❌ All review are flawless, never 1% mistake
❌ All review has updated according to the latest patch
✔️ Review having undiscovered information without awareness
✔️ Reviewer might been fool by the false information found from the internet

Comment open for:
❌ Anyone on Steam
✔️ Close Contact

What Review Format is provided?
❌ Long Speech = Linear Flow for Fast Reading
✔️ Short but Diverse Aspect with optional Section = Save time

❌ Essay Script = Reader must finish all reading to understand the point
✔️ Game Study Report = Reader can skip to the next point if disagree

Game Compare:
❌ Reader must played all the Reviewer played games to understand the comparison
✔️ We understand everyone have a different past gaming experience. Hence, the gameplay result will be different based on different experienced player.

❌ Reader must watch the Reviewer watched movies / played games to understand the comparison
✔️ We will not use the variety of local movie name / game name to make comparison

Review Verdict:
❌ Label the game is Good or Bad for "all kind" of reader
✔️ Help reader decide worth buying for their needs

Feedback Term and Condition:
Welcome to comment, but in some circumstances, I will not respond or delete your comment, please understand:

No reply?
How dare you review when you have such low gameplay hour?
Read the previous comment to avoid repetitive question
Comment Misplace?
Write at the wrong place ➜ Disagree & criticize in Reviewer Steam Profile
Write at the right place ➜ List your problems in current page
Deliver funny words, verbal abuse and rude teaching manner with unclear complaints
Deliver supportive reason and explain the specific part you are referring to criticize
Wrong / Missing info?
Insult reviewer and will never explain the reason, or lazy to show any evidence to prove reviewer had done wrong
Show list of testing result, list of tester profile name list, date, screenshot or video recording is welcome
Claiming you're always right and assume the entire world also has the same needs like yours
Accept a review is an individual opinion & Respect each individual opinion
Review Content?
Your review content just basic simple, stupid writing, the worst review ever
We understand there are great number of details we can remember in every game
Gaming Skill?
You should stop writing a review if you bad at the game
We also respect who are bad at game, and will not insult them
Price Conflict?
Believe that Steam selling the same price for all country
Please read the section about "Price history" under each review
I don't understand the part you mentioned about _____, would you please explain further?
Wanted the reviewer to stop writing review by insulting
Provide suggestion, give chance to improve
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AcUNiTY_GAmER May 18, 2020 @ 7:38am 
Yup your reviews are really different from others.....Keep up the good work! :winter2019happydog:
Uncle_Reaper Jun 9, 2020 @ 1:50am 
nice job your review is useful and written in an interesting way
Thanks! positive feedback is achieved my goal :lunar2019grinningpig::summer2019flag:
monke rock thrower Jun 12, 2020 @ 10:48am 
I had no idea this format was created by you. I thought it was just a copypasta. In this case, great job. Forget what I said about this being "lazy".
@give cookie. Thanks for the feedback. Hope that help. By the way, can u show me the name list of someone copy my review format? Thanks!
Nyaxus Jun 22, 2020 @ 9:19am 
Great, through the form of pictures vividly reflect the theme of the article
muddafukajones Aug 22, 2020 @ 9:43pm 
your need for speed payback review is kinda worthless with .7 hrs played... nothing against you, just the review is misleading when you don't have enough time on the game to know how it actually feels.
Last edited by muddafukajones; Aug 22, 2020 @ 9:45pm
Originally posted by ronchy1:
your need for speed payback review is kinda worthless with .7 hrs played... nothing against you, just the review is misleading when you don't have enough time on the game to know how it actually feels.
Thanks for the comment. I had 43 hours in Origin account and clearly listed game impression from 2017-2020. Please explain more what do you actually feels different from what I feel? And please list down the misleading parts?
Deja Vu Sep 1, 2020 @ 10:48am 
Gotta add to the guy above me (ronchy1) these reviews are kinda worthless if you have barely, or not even, 1 hour of gameplay. I came here from the Titanfall 2 review and saw you only have 1.5 hours played... what could you have experienced in this amount of time?
@deja vu, Thanks for the comment. Please read the "gaming hour" section and "qualification to write" section on this page.
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BottomScorer Feb 20, 2021 @ 4:20pm

NFS Heat runs like crap with anything but top CPU...
Originally posted by COVID-19:
NFS Heat runs like crap with anything but top CPU...
Ok... you mean low fps? what is your PC spec?
??? Mar 4, 2021 @ 12:47am 
im sorry if i sound rude, but that grammar gave me a stroke.
other than that, this is a very interesting type of review.
Last edited by ???; Mar 4, 2021 @ 12:48am
Thanks for the suggestion.
Brazuka Mar 11, 2021 @ 12:59am 
your forza review is wrong, there is toyota supra
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