Expectation Checklist kiin review
Expectation Checklist kiin review
January 31, 2018
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Review Comparison
Before you disagree, criticize & insult, please take a look why I been writing all this. We do know many great review out there to compare. We understand you find it hard to read and accept Expectation Checklist. Please allow me to explain:

Common Review
Expectation Checklist Review
Review Format?
Be the same as everyone else, safe and acceptable. Listen to anonymous & pleases anonymous
Not gonna repeat what others already done well, we needed something different, short but informative to save time
Reading Time Consumption?
5-9 min
1-4 min
Gaming Hour?
Strongly believed the longer hours, the greater reliable & trustworthy
True gaming hour is not reveal, because we able to gaming on PS4, Xbox, UPLAY, ORIGIN, EPIC, GOG, or playtest offline. Plus, we can source the information from the internet to write a review, without spending hundred+ hours to discover the content
Game Grade?
Number of Score / Judges by Good, Bad, Average
Ranked by estimate willingness to play: Individual interest element
Review Focus?
Sharing: Experience + Deep Analysis + Funny Jokes + Persuasive Advertising / Complaints + Boycott Developer + Humiliate Game Company
Sharing: Game Study + Result Checking
Veteran Gamer + Master Gamer
Newbie + Follower + Picky Gamer
Reading Outcome?
Make Reader love more toward the game, or hate more toward
Let Reader identify game content & which gamer is the target audience
Satisfy Reader Needs?
Believed the Reviewer knew all the reader needs. Assume the review's pro and cons will be same match with the Reader. Reviewer is never wrong on any recommendation for all kind of Reader. Believed the Reviewer love all the games and no matter how bad it is
We understand reader might have different taste and gaming skill. We provide quick information and quick match individual expectation. (Needs listing)
Game Compare?
Reader assume the Reviewer have same gaming experiences to compare the variety of unknown game title. Also Reader must experiences the Reviewer past experiences to understand the comparison.
We know everyone have a different past gaming experience, that's why we will compare to other similar genre. Or, compare the previous series
Worth Buying?
Decide by the Reviewer, but the result might inaccurate, because we assume Reviewer taste is same as Reader
Decide by the Reader, because evaluate based on Reader expectation list, different kind of Reader mood, age, personality will determine which game is best fit at the moment
Genre Coverage?
Reviewer is good on every kind of genre, and able to review on the release date
Reviewer is just good on selected genre, and only will be review after official patch update
English Skill?
Proficient + Perfect Writing
Poor English + Grammar Error
Review Equipment?
High-end PC setup + VR + Expensive simulation devices + 21:9 / 32:9 Ultra-wide, 4K monitors
Normal monitor + common keyboard + cheap mouse + xbox controller
Game Price Coverage?
Only willing pay for individual satisfaction. Doesn't care about the cost and efforts behind development
Considerate hardworks of the game level design, art design, music compose, voice acting fee. Believe the price also included the quality standard of efforts
Qualification to Write?
Reader always have long gaming hours, professional writing skill, write review on every new release game. Or else, Reader must stop their review
We respect individual opinion who wrote a review, we will not disqualify poor writer. We understand some game is not purchased from the wishlist, because some of them is a free gift, or a free playtest review.
Qualification to Read?
The reader must "fully" learned the American English, and must played the reviewer played games to understand what reviewer comparing. Reader must have rich gaming background to comprehend the main points
The reader require understand the simple English. English level is suitable for all region in poor country. Who are weak in English will able understand the main points.
Review Update?
Changing thought on recommendation
Add information, amend English grammar, simplify review format
Which Review is better?
The World Top longest review is the best ever, or the funniest also the best eva
The one fits individual is good enough

Whatever verdict you believe, eventually judgment become real.

Feedback Term and Condition:
Welcome to comment, but a certain situation I will not respond, please understand:

No reply?
How dare you review if you have such low gameplay hour. After remind to read the gaming hours section. The next day, another new comment about the same issue again, again & again
If the comment already reply. Reviewer will not answer same answer again & again. Please read the previous comment to find your answer
No respond?
This game is masterpiece and 10/10, I would recommend to everyone
Anonymous comment will not respond if they write their game review in comment section. Or, a friend comment will respond in a private chatroom, others wouldn't know.
Comment lost?
Write at the wrong place ➜ Disagree, criticize & insult in Reviewer Steam Profile
Write at the right place ➜ Put complain comment in current page
Calling review information is silly, deliver funny words, verbal abuse and rude teaching manner with unclear complaints
Deliver supportive reason and explain the specific part you are referring to criticize
Missing / Wrong info?
Insult reviewer and will never explain the reason, or lazy to show any evidence to prove reviewer had done wrong
Show list of testing result, list of tester profile name list, date, screenshot or video recording is welcome
Claiming you're always right and assume everyone has the same needs like yours
Respect each individual opinion and suggest a better way to improve
Gaming Taste?
Reviewer have a bad taste, all the writing content just basic simple, very unhelpful, very stupid
We understand there are different number of games details can remember. Can you explain further detail about the game?
Price Conflict?
Disagree the recommended price because you found a lower price from other Store. or believe that Steam selling the same price for all country.
Discuss why is the other Store selling such lower price than Steam? Why is Steam selling the different price to another country?
The part you mentioned about _____ I don't understand, would you please describe more about it?
Insult the reviewer, wanted the reviewer to feel shame & guilty. Lets other youngster mimic the insults
Provide suggestion, give chance to improve
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AcUNiTY_GAmER May 18, 2020 @ 7:38am 
Yup your reviews are really different from others.....Keep up the good work! :winter2019happydog:
nice job your review is useful and written in an interesting way
SecretAgent:KiiN Jun 9, 2020 @ 2:19am 
Thanks! positive feedback is achieved my goal :lunar2019grinningpig::summer2019flag:
monke rock thrower Jun 12, 2020 @ 10:48am 
I had no idea this format was created by you. I thought it was just a copypasta. In this case, great job. Forget what I said about this being "lazy".
SecretAgent:KiiN Jun 12, 2020 @ 3:53pm 
@give cookie. Thanks for the feedback. Hope that help. By the way, can u show me the name list of someone copy my review format? Thanks!
Nyaxus Jun 22, 2020 @ 9:19am 
Great, through the form of pictures vividly reflect the theme of the article
ronchy1 Aug 22, 2020 @ 9:43pm 
your need for speed payback review is kinda worthless with .7 hrs played... nothing against you, just the review is misleading when you don't have enough time on the game to know how it actually feels.
Last edited by ronchy1; Aug 22, 2020 @ 9:45pm
SecretAgent:KiiN Aug 22, 2020 @ 9:58pm 
Originally posted by ronchy1:
your need for speed payback review is kinda worthless with .7 hrs played... nothing against you, just the review is misleading when you don't have enough time on the game to know how it actually feels.
Thanks for the comment. I had 43 hours in Origin account and clearly listed game impression from 2017-2020. Please explain more what do you actually feels different from what I feel? And please list down the misleading parts?
Deja Vu Sep 1, 2020 @ 10:48am 
Gotta add to the guy above me (ronchy1) these reviews are kinda worthless if you have barely, or not even, 1 hour of gameplay. I came here from the Titanfall 2 review and saw you only have 1.5 hours played... what could you have experienced in this amount of time?
SecretAgent:KiiN Sep 1, 2020 @ 3:31pm 
@deja vu, Thanks for the comment. Please read the "gaming hour" section and "qualification to write" section on this page.
Last edited by SecretAgent:KiiN; Sep 1, 2020 @ 4:29pm
So slow Feb 20 @ 4:20pm

NFS Heat runs like crap with anything but top CPU...
Originally posted by COVID-19:
NFS Heat runs like crap with anything but top CPU...
Ok... you mean low fps? what is your PC spec?
im sorry if i sound rude, but that grammar gave me a stroke.
other than that, this is a very interesting type of review.
Last edited by stage 3 HIV; Mar 4 @ 12:48am
Thanks for the suggestion.
Brazuka Mar 11 @ 12:59am 
your forza review is wrong, there is toyota supra
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