ELHostingServices ELHS-Group
ELHostingServices ELHS-Group
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2016년 3월 27일
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Who Are We?
ELHostingServices was created back in January 2016, under the name ELHServices. ELHServices was swiftly re-branded to ELHostingServices at the beginning of February, where we continued for the following few weeks reselling website hosting. Midway through March, we made the jump to game hosting, by purchasing our first server in our datacentre in France, later expanding to New York in the second half of April.

Things started to get mixed up at the beginning of June, where we migrated to our custom panel, after receiving a lot of feedback about TCAdmin which we couldn't rectify, as it was an off the shelf software rental. With our new game panel, running on Ubuntu rather than Windows, it allowed us to see a dramatic increase in performance of servers, which we followed up by increasing the bandwidth of our central servers to 1GBp/s. Since then, we have been in planning for multiple significant changes being released in August. ELHostingServices has continued to expand it's coverage, with servers in the UK being launched for VPS servers and Game servers. We will continue to stride forward in the market, while not compromising on support. As our customers increase, so does our staff team so we can continue to provide personal and rapid support.

In July, we made the jump to becoming a legal company in England and Wales, under the name Encrypted Laser Limited (10286642), since them we have continued striving for better.

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[Company Director] William Phillips (Metallic)
[Operations Director] Avery Johnson Avery1227)
[Technical Support] Callum Parsons (NoobyTubezz)
[Technical Support] Michael Conway (Michael Conway)
[Sales Support] William Wilson (Willsbond)
[Sales Support] Mason Rogers (Apollo)
[Sales Support] Jamie Chalmers
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