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ELHostingServices ELHS-Group
27 maart 2016
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Who Are We?
Good question!
Who actually are we? Well, then we had best keep it short and snappy!

Founded in February 2016 and incorporated in England and Wales in July 2016, ELHS is a fast growing and developing hosting provider striving to provide secure, powerful and reliable services to customers around the world for a very competitive price. We operate in both the UK and the US providing services hosted on performance hardware and protected by DDoS protection from some of the best protection agents globally such as Corero, Arbor and Psychz. Our support consists of a strong team of 7 dedicated, passionate and multilingual agents, enabling us to be able to provide 24/7 customer care with quick response times at all hours of the day.

What Do We Offer?
A lot!

Our main focus is primarily game hosting, however, with the advanced knowledge of our support team we are able to confidently provide and support a much broader range of services including Cloud, Web & TeamSpeak servers. We have a large selection to choose from, and we can't leave the list of every service we can offer below but you are able to easily view and select from all of our services on our site!

Any Discounts?

We can say that confidently, as we ALWAYS have a discount, offer or promotion running - you just sometimes have to ask or you won't get. We have a permanent timed discounts page on our site where you can find exclusive and larger discounts off a specific service configuration, and normally have a general discount code floating around either on Twitter or Facebook.

Discount Page[]

Who Are The Staff At ELHS?
Company Director - William Phillips - Steam - Twitter

Chief Technology Officer - William Wilson - Steam - Twitter

Systems Administrator - Michael Rizzuto - Steam - Twitter
Technical Engineer - Callum Parsons - Steam - Twitter

Sales Manager - Jamie Chalmers - Steam - Twitter
Sales Representative - Max Robinson - Steam - Twitter
Researcher - Elliott Hinksman - Steam - Twitter
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