EGC - European Gamers Community EGC_
EGC - European Gamers Community EGC_
January 1, 2013
ABOUT EGC - European Gamers Community

European Gamers Community

About us...
EGC is a acronym for the European Gamers Community.
A community with its own game servers and teamspeak.
We are not bound to a specific game or genre.
We are a community run by gamers, for gamers. We stand for Friends, Fun and Fairplay!
While democracy being one the pillars of our community.

Our Goal...
The goals of the EGC is to provide a virtual home for PC Gamers.
A place where members have the feeling they are home, with friends. And if desired, play on our own dedicated server.
Our main goal is outlined in our credo: “For Friends, Fun and Fairplay”.

More information?


We dislike Discord`s business model, and we are really anticipating for TeamSpeak 5 to come out soon! :-)
Rust Vanilla++ is live !
Rust Vanilla++ is live !

Server IP:

Welcome to Vanilla++

A challenging server that balances between grinding and fast pace.
Some nice added features such as XP leveling, big stacks, door sharing and a few others.
Features without cancelling out the dopamine you receive when finding a rare item like you do on vanilla.

Vanilla++ will definitely give you a tremendous gaming time if you like Vanilla with a few extras.

Please note:
Active admins spectating players to spot and detect cheaters.
We have a ZERO policy for cheating such as ESP, Aimhack, Speedhack, item duplication or exploitation.

WIPED: The Rusty Ballsack 5x|Kits|Shop|Levels|Bots|
The Rusty Ballsack server has been wiped.

Servername: The Rusty Ballsack 10x|Kits|Shop|Levels|Bots|

Wiped Thursday 04/01

x5 Gather
x5 Loot
x5 Components
High grade heli and airdrop loot

Quicksmelt,Instantcraft,NoDecay,NoEscape,Kits,Shop,Teleport,Roaming NPC`s,AutoDoors. And many more plugins & custom stuff.

Hosted by

EGC.NightStalker Mar 8 @ 12:02pm 
Welcome to the EGC! We gather up on teamspeak mostly. Please feel free to join us :) I for instance love playing arma with you. I`m on teamspeak quiet some times during the week.
Widow maker Mar 4 @ 9:50am 
heylo guys i am new to this community. I have already created an account in the official website and I play arma a lot...if ya guys play arma on any server i would to go to battle with ya.....Dingo got your six
gamogon Jul 28, 2017 @ 4:26pm 
Hi guys! I just joined. I am wondering if there is a forum on the website? Or do you communicate only on ts/discord?
[HCG] Esko Jun 16, 2017 @ 3:54am 
Very nice staff +Rep from me!
EGC.NightStalker Oct 24, 2016 @ 8:07am 
@_NightLife_: I`m sorry to read you see it that way. You are correct that our ARK Annunaki Genesis server resets every month. There is a extinction timer for a reason. ;) Next time when you have a complaint, anywhere, ask a admin first what is going on before accusing someone of "worst admin ever". And no, im not happy when on of our players leave.
NightLife Aug 13, 2016 @ 9:48am 
Nice this is bullshit me and my friend had played 300hours on the ark server and now everything is gone.. are you happy now? You ruined the fun in ark for me thank you for that ... worst admin ever.