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June 19, 2018
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My Girlfriend/Love in the Limelight

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CG Jul 17 @ 11:23am 
is it possible you make the dlc that were available for my girlfriend available for love in the limelight?
eternalfractal Jun 21 @ 11:45pm 
If I am not mistaken, things will sometimes show up in your feed "because it is new" and/or "because it is popular".....
Syrez Jun 18 @ 8:26am 
@Taebrythn, I do know the features of following a game on Steam, what makes you think I don't? And why have you automatically assumed that I followed the game or the devs?
You really should think being jumping to conclusions.
Syrez Jun 18 @ 8:24am 
@Galo Oslolo, The first thing I did was check whether I had mistakenly followed or wishlisted the game previously, and I hadn't. I've also not got any games by the developer in my games list. That's the reason I'm confused as to why I got a Steam pop-up notification from this.
Stop being so arrogant and don't assume that someone has used their brain less than you have in their issue.
Taebrythn Jun 14 @ 8:09am 
lol @syrez its because you choose follow. you really should know what the features do.
Galo Oslolo ☯ Jun 13 @ 12:36pm 
@syrez If you dont follow neither a game of dharker studio or the devs, they dont show in your feed so stop whinin' and check your follows or preferences :cozyspaceengineersa: because the only thing with a level of radomness is the home page of steam. Recommendation and Activity-feed are differents :steamfacepalm:
Syrez Jun 13 @ 9:38am 
Why the heck was this randomly put into my Activity feed? Steam's recommendation algorithms need a bloody good kick in the face.