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October 12, 2015
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DOPEPUBG.COM Dec 12, 2016 @ 5:44pm
Sponsorship Program For http://CSGO-DOPE.COM
Hello players,
In the last few weeks we have received many new offers on becoming sponsors to different Teams/Streamers or just famous Facebook individuals. We had many struggles by choosing the correct sponsoring programme so we decided to make a table of requirements which is a key to our sponsorship:

What kind of activity you are working on? (Youtuber/Streamer):
Do you have any popular Twitch/Youtube channels?:
Write the number of your Viewers/Subscribers/Followers:
What kind of benefit you could suggest for our sponsorship?:
What kind of benefit you are willing to get from our {LINK REMOVED} community?:
Why did you choose us?:
What other sponsors do you have?:
If we didn't ask but you have something to add:

Answers all these questions and send an application to our twitter :
We are looking to get as many completed forms as possible.

Sincerely, {LINK REMOVED} Administration.
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