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Crotchety Gamers United CroGaUn
July 1, 2014
Thre3zekiel Aug 28, 2014 @ 11:45am
Console v PC
I guess Steam is a biased location to have a discussion of this nature, but those wishing to contribute their thoughts to the mix are welcomed to do so!
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DakotaDust Aug 30, 2014 @ 9:47pm 
Here's my two cents as someone who has owned consoles for years and been for the most part, a pc gamer for as long as I've been a developer (a little more than a year)

+/- No, or limited settings. You don't have to find what's the best graphic setting for your console, just sit down and play.

+ Very little hacking, can't tell you how stressful it was to play Titanfall and watch someone kill my entire team in less than a second over and over again. Haven't touched the game since...

+Co-op play. Not saying PC games can'r do co-op but often times it's not the case even if the console port has split screen.

+/- Console specific games, it sucks that some games can only be played on certain consoles but some of those games are the best experience you can have on that console. (The Last of Us is a great example, f***king love that game)

+/- Online subscriptions, being charged for internet and for the use of internet on a console can be a bummer (xbox) but sometimes that grantees a good online experience. Also in the case of Playstation plus it provides you with a present each and every month.

+ Mods, these can range from funny add-ons, to game fixing additions (Orcs Must Die 2 is impossible to beat solo without mods to buff you up), to hours and hours of extra enjoyable content like what was seen in Skyrim.

+ Indie games, not saying indie developers don't make games on consoles they do. They just make a lot more on PC, it's just easier to do. FTL, Risk of Rain, and Game Dev Tycoon are good examples of this.

+Steam, oh boy Steam fucking makes PC gaming what it is. This includes,
+Steam Sales
+Steam Workshop
+and more

Overall I feel as though they are completely different gaming experiences. Sort of like playing pacman on console or on the arcade machine. One's convenient and easy to access, the other is more so how it was meant to be played. In the end there will be games I will play on consoles and others I play on PC. For example I plan on getting a ps4 for Infamous, any future LAst of Us games, Far Cry 4, and Destiny. PC will be reserved for games I believe are better on PC. Usually anything indie or heavily modable.

Neither one "wins" because it's like comparing motorcycles to cars. They both have their ups and downs, in the end it comes down to which one you prefer and (as far as PC gaming goes) how much money your willing to put into your gaming.
Thre3zekiel Sep 1, 2014 @ 8:51pm 
Thanks for your input! A lot to think about, but I will respond tomorrow at length after sleep! X D!
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