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August 30, 2013
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Dorxel Jan 28, 2017 @ 1:15am
[READ ME] Rules and Guidelines
The following rules and guidelines apply to all parts of the Coupon Dumpster Group, including the forums, comments and groupchat.
Violating the rules listed below will have severe consequences, such as being banned and removed from the group temporarily or permanently.

General Rules and Guidelines
  1. PLEASE be respectful to each other. Disrespectful behaviour includes, but is not limited to, begging, harassment, profanity, insulting members and staff, spamming or flaming.
  2. DO NOT request coupons if you have no intentions and means to purchase and activate the corresponding game to your own account within the next seven days.
  3. DO NOT request more than one coupon per game for yourself, and ONLY request one if you do not own a copy of the game on any of your accounts already or have any intention to acquire the same coupon by other means while your Coupon request is active.
    Requests for the following will always be denied:
    • your multi/alt accounts
    • friends, family and any other associates
  4. DO NOT request coupons for trading purposes or other personal profits.
  5. DO NOT abuse or exploit official Steam services (e.g. Steam Refund Policy) to gain personal profits from this group.
  6. DO NOT use this group for trades or to sell items.
  7. DO NOT use this group to advertise any other groups or personal interests.
  8. DO NOT edit your Topic or Headline Text once your Coupon Request was posted. ANY additional info or updates must be posted in comment section.
  9. DO NOT keep your profile private. In order to make sure that the above rules are correctly applied, your profile must be set to public (including the "Game Details" section).
  • The CD Staff reserves the right to ask for proof of purchase, and any details supporting the case if necessary.
  • The CD Staff reserves the right to deny any requests, but will always provide an appropriate explanation.
  • Please be patient. We're people, not robots and we live in different time zones. Don't try to rush us, it will not help the process.

Requesting Coupons

Coupon List
Check out our official coupon list (© Yusyuriv) to see if we have the coupons you desire!
  1. Consider enabling cookies if the page is not working. The coupon list is optimized for Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Any issues or suggestions? Check out Yusyuriv's Coupon List Feedback thread in the General Discussions forum.

From Members To Members
  • Check out the From Members To Members! thread to offer coupons to, as well as ask for coupons from other members as an alternative to the official procedure.
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