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November 5, 2016
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schroeder_lvb Oct 14, 2019 @ 9:19am
Sandstorm - Cassandra Server Rules
Cassandra Server Rules

Following behavior will get you kicked or banned:

Disrespectful or Immature behaviors, including but not limited to: racism, age discrimination, sexual discrimination/harassment, religious slurs, lewd contents, inappropriate biological or physiological reference in game behavior, voice chat, text chat, Steam group (discussions, comments, chats) and your player profile (avatar/picture, name/history of your player names, etc.)

Bizarre, Hostile or Disturbing psychological behaviors, including but not limited to: excessive anger, profanities/attacks against another (human) player, pre-game team kills, excessive mutilation of already-dead game entities, sabotaging the game flow, spamming

Non-gaming behaviors, including but not limited to: engaging in commercial (business) activities, illicit activities, political activism, starting debates on religious or socio-political "hot button" issues. (However, friendly chats about your lives and thoughts are encouraged and we hope you make lifelong friends.)

Abusing less-skilled or new players.

Intentional Team Kills and intentional shots fired at friendlies, including that of revenge motive.

Use of cheat software or "hax".

Ignoring warnings or talking back rudely at administrators/moderators.

Cyber attacks on the server (this is a criminal offense, beyond a "ban" issue)

Non-teaming Behavior: Territorial Capture Point rushing, entering capture point without coordinating and waiting for all team members still alive. For more information: see link below.

Non-teaming Behavior: Rushing ahead to explode a Destructive Cache without team coordination of those still alive. For more information: see link below.

Breaching and Destroying Cache Objectives

Before breaching a capture point, or exploding a weapons cache objective, YOU MUST ASK YOUR ALIVE TEAM MEMBERS if anyone is NOT ready to proceed!

At minimum type 'aa' in chat before the objective capture. This does two things: 1) notifies your team that, you have ascertained that the team is ready to proceed, and 2) checks to make sure server has unlocked the objective (i.e., rusher auto-kick is disabled). If any team member is not ready, simply communicate 'not ready' by voice or chat.
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