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Confluvium Gaming confluvium
November 5, 2016
ABOUT Confluvium Gaming

Confluvium Gaming

Steam group for friendly, mature-minded folks with main emphasis in casual FPS gaming.

We play games for entertainment, camaraderie, and relaxation. Discourteous, impolite members will be removed without warning.

Racism and sexism behaviors are not tolerated and said members will be removed without warning.

As we have no means to screen under-age minors, explicit sexual contents are not tolerated and said members will be removed without warning. Those exhibiting inappropriate or illicit content in their postings or profile, will be reported to Steam, and in extreme cases, directly to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

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All Server Status & Web-Admin links

Insurgency Sandstorm Confluvium Servers

"Cassandra 1 Checkpoint Day Maps Only"
Checkpoint 10+2 slots

"Cassandra 2 Multi-Mode High Bots Checkpoint Day Maps Only"
Checkpoint 10+2 slots

"Cassandra 3 Advanced Tactical Multi-Mode Day & Night Maps"
Checkpoint 3+9 slots, No Kill-Feed Semi-Private

"Cassandra 4 Modded Checkpoint Day and Night Maps"
Checkpoint 10+2 slots Armory Mod

Insurgency-2014 Confluvium Servers (currently offline)

"Artemis" Tactical Co-op Server (part time)

Co-op Checkpoint: Artemis.Confluvium; large collection of 3rd-party maps, Friendly Fire enabled, votable maps, votable bot count/difficulty, "Expanded Armory by DeltaMike"
Location: New Jersey USA (East)
**Available only by request**

ArmA 3 Confluvium Servers (currently offline)

1. "Asteria" Semi-Private Dedicated Server (part time)

Location: Texas
Access password: milsim

Confluvium Group Steam Chat/VoIP

[Last updated: 2021.09.06]

schroeder_lvb Jul 18 @ 6:02pm 
@Imbelfal - Try re-posting this the Confluvium Chat channel. I don't know if anyone reads this page.
JohnImbelfalWick Jul 18 @ 2:57pm 
I was testing some anti-aliasing options in Nvidia Inspector, and i found a guide on internet wich tell how to enable/force SGSSAA. Basically SGSSAA is MSAA + Sparse Grid Supersampling. Most games today don't support that, cause they used deferred anti-aliasing, wich is imcompatible with MSAA.

OMG!!!!! The game now has RAY TRACED shadows!!!!!!! It's reflections look like like if the game had RAY TRACING!!!!!!! That's weird cause, correct me if i'm wrong, this game does not support ray tracing! At least not in my GTX 1650 SUPER.

Can someone join any empty cassandra server to do some testing? i Really want you guys to see this, it's mind changing, especialy on Ministry map!

Or i can make a thread about it so other people can test it.
Luftwaffles May 10 @ 4:32pm 
thank you for accepting me into the group. what brought me to your servers are your regulars,admins and a drive for teamplay. i cannot play on another server since finding cass.

the atmosphere is usually very friendly and driven by teamplay spirit which i very much enjoy. thank you for hosting,appreciate yous :)
schroeder_lvb Apr 24 @ 8:31am 
@Cool Breeze

Thank you - we use combination of technology, and a group of carefully selected admins/moderators to try to build and maintain a friendly/mature gaming community! This is a good place to make some friends, to play other multiplayer games as well. Don't forget to check out our group chat here on this Steam group!
Cool Breeze Apr 24 @ 5:11am 
I am very grateful that I was accepted by you. I love this tactical gameplay on your server and the friendly, polite way of dealing with each other. Many Thanks
schroeder_lvb Mar 25 @ 4:37pm 
Thanks Dopadrom0 - it's the people that make it so, not the server!