February 27, 2015

Companion App for Steam Gamers & Achievement Hunters.
  • Categorize apps into released, removed from store, expired licenses
  • Fixed incorrect Steam level 100 & 1000 background graphics
  • Sort apps by release state, latest achievement change date
  • Call to action login widget for shallow profiles guests
  • Re-added stats indicator and count for apps listings
  • Highlight calendar day displayed in details pane
  • Steam feed with USD price as general indicator
  • Added more meta information on all resources
  • Extended apps, profiles & achievements filters
  • Display locked achievements on game widgets
  • Fixed achievements global percentage sorting
  • Sanitized display & rounding of percentages
  • Improved notifications overflow behaviour
  • Medium priority queue to speed things up
  • Added dlc and demo listings to app pages
  • Optimized overall cpu and memory usage
  • More shiny gold for completed things
  • Various UI improvements and fixes
  • Re-added profiles list flat display
  • Filter apps by type, release state
  • Increased progress bar hit area
  • Search apps by acronyms
  • Filter profiles by country
  • Added missing tooltips
Server, Queues & API Clients
  • Major revamp of data structure and resulting refactor of complete codebase
  • Real-time Steam apps updates (check it out in the 100Pals Discord guild![])
  • Fixed corrupt achievement descriptions causing inaccessible profiles
  • Preparations for RetroAchievements integration
  • Preparations for timezone account setting
  • Security audit (thank you tautology![])
  • Added Steam & Discord bots
See the full change log for more details and previous updates[] v0.39 released
  • Distinctive layouts for dashboards and explorers
  • Layout refactored (menus, navs, sidebar)
  • Quicklinks in nav next to breadcrumb
  • Limited friends list to existing profiles
  • Return to intended page after login
  • Added OAuth server to guard api
  • Fixed & enhanced feedback form
  • Reworked filters for all explorers
  • Switched from angular to vue.js
  • Improved notifications system
  • Manual game updates
  • Adjusted tag line
Server, Queues & API Clients
  • Minor improvements and fixes
See the full change log for more details and previous updates[]

MakoSipper Mar 23 @ 4:29am 
Ok, thanks for the replies. It seems that I was going in the right direction, then. I hadn't realized this is still a beta because of how good it looks ;)
luchaos Mar 23 @ 1:13am 
thanks for the kind words, MakoSipper!

1) they're not moved automatically (but that's planned). the kanban is just in a proof of concept stage atm, i have bigger plans with that one

2) you can update your profile by just visiting it while being logged in every 30 minutes. you can also update individual games on the respective page by clicking the update button at the top right (only visible if no other job is queued)

3) i'll have a look. there are more edge cases in steam's apis than useful methods so it'S very likely that the crawler cannot find everything automatically.

4) there will be an activity feed for these kind of things - it's planned is all i can say atm

5) i agree, it looks very empty in its current state :) but i also have big plans for that site - actually it should become the main profile page as soon as other integrations are added (retroachievements is already in the works)

thanks for reminding me that i really should finish that FAQ section :)
MakoSipper Mar 23 @ 12:34am 
5. Am I missing something about the Profile Hub? Not my profile, that one I got sorted out, but the Hub is just a page with a button in the middle of the screen with just little overall information.
MakoSipper Mar 23 @ 12:31am 
Worked now, thanks! I'm loving it already. It's not only useful, but also gorgeous!

So many features to explore, though. Is there a FAQ somewhere? For example:

1) Kanban. I'm supposed to manually move open achievs to "Next" as a reminder? Will they then be automatically moved to "Done"?

2) How/when does my profile get updated?

3) Steam says I've 100%'d 161 games, AStats says 160, says 158. What could be the reason for this?

4) Is there any way to track down games that you've started (not necessarily 100%'d) to which more achievements were added?

Thanks in advance!
luchaos Mar 22 @ 11:49pm 
thank you @Milouze! glad you like it :)
luchaos Mar 22 @ 11:49pm 
Thank you Rachel and MakoSipper!
should be fixed now.
somehow the server forgot what dns is after an automatic security update. i'm investigating to see what exactly caused this and how to prevent it
sorry for the inconvenience!
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February 27, 2015