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March 12
Ark Mobile Server Hosting Experiences
UPDATE: See the latest Ark server hosting prices and reviews on CompareGameHosting[]

Have you bought Ark mobile server hosting from a provider that rented it to you as a package? We would love to hear about your experience if it was good or even if it was bad.

Just let us know in this thread or go to our site[] and leave a review with on the correct host page.

We would love to know:
  • What the speed of the server was like, did you get a lot of lag?
  • What was the control panel like, especially what it was like on mobile as this is a mobile game
  • Was it good value for money?
  • Who did you rent the server from? What was the name of the company
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UPDATE - 04/10/2018

What we know about Ark Mobile:

  • No bosses are currently planned for the game
  • No caves exist
  • No aquatic animals
  • The primary and secondary attack will be controlled by swiping in certain directions
  • No aquatic animals
  • Taming limit of 40
  • Need 2GB RAM (Android 3GB)
  • Ancient amber - in game currency :-(

From the sound of the in-game currency "Ancient Amber" there is a strong chance that the developers will be hosting the servers themselves and using the revenue to fund this. It seems that Ark mobile is going to be a pay-to-play title and a complete money hog of a game.

When we find out more about Ark mobile server hosting we will be adding the providers and information to
not liking the sound of that currency.Sounds like its gnna get expensive quick playing ark on a mobile phone
Currency sounds crappy. Ark mobile is looking like a money whoring exercise - I think il be sticking with the PC version! Lets see how it goes
UPDATE - 13/10/2018

A forum post has appeared on SurviveTheArk with a group of people talking about news that Ark mobile will have private servers (link[]).

We at CompareGameHosting aren't totally convinced this is true though as the game has in game currency so the developers will want to be able to control everything on a centralised server.

The arguments made on that forum thread cite the difficulties in managing the players behaviour which would require serious man-hours like the desktop version does.
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UPDATE 24/10/2018

Nitrado are claiming that Ark mobile servers are going to be exclusive to them according to this news story[] which is terrible news if its true.

Without any competion in the industry the prices are going to remain sky high :-(

Our guess is that the developers want to keep to one company so that they can charge a higher price per month and take a slice of that action.
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