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Gramps Jul 21, 2017 @ 3:34pm
The Dope Game - Sequel Discussion
Hey there, dope fiends. We are currently putting together some design docs for the sequel, which we talked about with you guys over the last few weeks. We wanted to share a little bit of the details from that here and give you a new space to throw in some of your own ideas.

Here is some of the official stuff we have been planning so far:
  • Five other full cities besides Starkham
  • Players can purchase private jets or buy cars
  • Sub-locations will have extra features (bar can be used as a base, players can be bailed out at the police station)
  • Instead of surrending and losing the game, players get arrest and put in jail to be bailed out (multiplayer only)
  • Players can snitch on each other
  • Stashware "remembers" more stuff
  • Co-op / multiplayer has timed runs (15, 30, 45, etc. days) and a "life time" mode like Endless
  • Players can create gangs and share resources
  • NPCs can give missions
  • Street Loyalty will come back with more stuff
  • Expanding weapons, adding weapon mods
  • Adding body armor

That some of what we have right now. There are a lot more details in our docs, but just wanted to list some of the highlights.

Feel free to add suggestion or ask questions!
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thisismike97 Jul 22, 2017 @ 12:31am 
That sounds pretty awesome. :D
Gramps Jul 22, 2017 @ 1:01am 
And that's just what is listed. There is more and in detail.
Forever Diox Jul 25, 2017 @ 6:15pm 
I want a giant penis monster to chase you when a crazy old lady stabs you with a needle, such as in the first. Or a giant penis monster that looks suspiciously like Sweaty Mike in a penis costume. Props if it's a multiple color monster on a random generator ie one time you get a giant black one, next time it's purple, and then one time it's a tiny asian wang..
codyraves Aug 8, 2017 @ 4:23pm 
i would love to contribute ideas

i am a long time fan since the 90s of dope wars.

i think after xxx amount has been made if you get the option to open up to international trade.
similar to how you navigate between towns, you would do the same with various websites that offer random differing prices of various substnaces....

inbetween moving from site to site you run the risk of feds/rival criminals either stealing your $$ or your freedom similar to robbers/cops in regualr mode.

just like getting a gun to defend yourself you can be armed with computer tools to help in defending your freedom from cops or product from rival criminals

with random seizures where your drugs dont go to the destination because customs detected them it is critical to upgrade security and concealment methods to help avoid detection of cops/rivals that want to rob, attack or arrest.

what would be cool is creating mini games within this game, like if or when hackers attack you solve some type of timed puzzle to break free.... or like some type of "operation" style game of concealing the drugs for shipment in a tire or somthjing

also if all the dialog was audio dialoge and not text it would make the game more colorful and help bring various characters to life.

thanks for your time!
and also thank you for reading though the grammar/spelling ;)
i wrote it fast
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Gramps Aug 8, 2017 @ 4:35pm 
Hey there! We were also big fans of the original DrugWars and the best spin-off Dope Wars. Thanks for the write up of ideas.

Yeah, we definitely wanted to add more stuff to do with your money. I like the stuff about websites. I think you or someone else mentioned something about using the "dark web". We plan on adding a bunch of things money can be used on as well as a need to "clean" your money.

Maybe even getting into cryptocurrency?

Yeah, there will be rival gang/criminals in this one, both other players and bots. Since we will be using decentralized servers, it will mostly be familiar players. But there are also plans to have some community cross-play through "invasions", similar to how Dark Souls worked.

I like the idea of having a mini-game layer with hacking and using technology to defend your shipments and such. There is a bit of a base buildling mechanic that could benefit from that.

The only downside to audio dialog is lack of quality voice actors. I've seen some good game really eat shit because of horrible voice-over work. I think that would also depend on how many characters we have in the game. Right now our next game, Haulin' Oats, has over 100 characters which would be insane. The Dope Game sequel, as it stands right now, would too considering each city has it's own unique characters in each location plus cops, crime lords, etc.

Thanks again for the input! I'll copy it to our list of internal notes.
Gramps Oct 15, 2017 @ 9:31am 
Cydcor on a previous thread said "it would be cool to play as a kingpin and have different hireable npcs to perform tasks for you, watch for good deals and send you a text, place buy/sell orders, watch for cops, hold down territory, rob other dealers and stashes. maybe once in a while they get greedy and and take some for themselves, then you have to make an example out of them, and other
stuff to build an empire and be untouchable"
...instead or in addition to Sweaty Mike, a sweaty congressman or other politician who could tweek laws in your favour, pardon you completely, or work out something with the proper officials so that you never get searched when re-entering the country, in exchange for a "small" campaign contribution, perhaps under the table if it exceeds Federal campaign contribution limits might be fun. If you're a big enough cartel man; you might even be appointed to the position of Drug Czar by President Ronald Dump. The Drug Czar would have the advantage of sicking the FBI, CIA, and special forces on the competition, all the while making it look like you're an iron fisted commander in the war on drugs. Corruption has its prvileges.
Gramps Jan 29 @ 11:39am 
Haha, sweaty congressman! Yeah, there will be higher tiers of dirty, shady individuals to deal with once you get to higher levels of power. One small complaint we got was that there wasn't much to do once you got tons of money in later stages of the game; granted that is exactly how the game is supposed to work as it is an homage to the 1984 original DrugWars. However, in the sequel there are plans for a variety of things to invest/dump money into to expand your operations.
I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see where this one is going and the process by which it comes into being. I have first hand, and close second hand experience in the creative process in most of its forms, but since I am not literate in the language of computers, and since disability has forced me from the world of academia before the creative aspects of the use of computer science could be (and still is not) seen as the creative art that it is, I have not had the joy of seeing the multidisciplinary colaberative process involved in the creative process of a computer game as I did my musical performing and professorial years. Instead, I shall enjoy being in the audience for a change.

I used to wonder if perhaps the aquisition of more wealth than you could possibly do anything with might be allagory for the aquisition of excessive amounts of money in real life. First you gain so much that you can do everything you ever dreamed of doing. After that, the aquisition of more wealth tends to become its own ends, which if you are an highly intelligent person such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, eventually become very disatisfying. That was the impetus for first Gates, then Buffett to switch from money makers to philanthropists. Several others have followed in their footsteps since then, but most don't have quite the intellect to understand the futility and lack of fulfilment that continuing to reach for more wealth and power brings. The people who were playing the old DrugWars.exe (or was it .com? Damn am I ever dating myself by remembering that .com was one of the the designators which let you know that you could run that file from the DOS command prompt... I'll make you feel young again how about? I had already finished up my PhD and was five years embarked on my career by then. Back to the point) Playing either the old DrugWars just to increase the number representing the money one was making was unfulfilling. People who played it that way either burned out badly or had been diagnosed with high functioning autism. The the thing that kept many of us coming back to it was the desire to beat our personal best. In your game, the things that keep me coming back are 1) You keep adding stuff and changing stuff up which keeps it fresh, and 2) I have an ilogical desire to get that top score achievement.

Please forgive me this lengthy nattering. It is the verbal disintary of an aging mind beset by disease, and bereft of meaningful human contact.
Gramps Jan 30 @ 7:24am 
Hmm, using your money for good would definitely be something interesting to add. Some philanthropy, regardless of the player's true motivations.

We are still in the early stages of compiling ideas. Hopefully starting pre-development work this coming Fall/Winter season. Unlike in the past, there are plans to do dev blogs as we go along. Mostly to get feedback and keep folks in the loop.

Currently The Dope Game is being moved over to Godot 3 to fix the integer problem and there will be a content update for it's two-year anniversary.

And it's all good about long posts, I read them all!
Philanthropy sounds great, but it’s gotta be kinda messed up philanthropy in order to keep with humour of the game. I have an Idea drawn from firsthand experience which could provide endless material. It’s one of those real life things that would never make it in Hollywood because it seems so preposterous

How about a "retirement home" for elderly and fried slangers and dope fiends complete with a drive-through dope window? The place really existed, and I was an inmate there for three years. I was placed there illegally and against my will after a "chance meeting" with a drunk driver left me paralyzed from the shoulders down. Looking at the place from the outside you would be more likely to identify it as an abandoned junk yard than a nursing home/"rehab" facility. On the inside it just got worse. The window that my bed was next to had a corner broken out of it, and mice and rats would go running in and out. Every now and then a rat would stop and take a few bites out of me, and at those times I was ever so glad that I had no feeling below the tops of my shoulders. In the winter I would often wake up with a dusting of snow on my blanket, and in my second year there I lost the tip of my nose to frost bite. During the entire three years I was there I did not get a single bath or shower. In situations like that you have two choices; you can either laugh, or you can cry, and in either event you were going to go at least a little bit mad. If you chose to cry you were going to go a lot bit mad and your health, both mental and physical, were going to decline rapidly. If you could find a little humour in the situation, you stood a chance of surviving. And if you could pull yourself out of the moment, there was certainly a lot of material to laugh at, the drive-through dope window being just the tip of the ice turd.

Just think of the of the possibilities... Medicaid and Medicare fraud... since the lost souls who reside in the place stay there free, charitable contributions come flowing in like a burst water main; less than one penny on the dollar going to patient care, the rest going toward buying off state inspectors (I actually witnessed this happening on three different occasions), and to further fill your own coffers. As your renown grows, the sweaty Congressman may pay you to come to speak at his political rallies, and if you are successful enough, President Donald McBama might even invite you to be recognized at his State of the Onion Screech (for obvious reasons a real tear jerker of an event given each year in the house of reprehensitives, and attended enthusiastically and bipartisanly by both the Demogogs and the Republican'ts (hmm... I wonder which party the sweaty congressman belongs to? Maybe both? That would be novel).

Changing the subject to something we were discussing in the Dope Game guide (I've already taken up way too much space over there), unless you have need for another crazy old lady type or some other 60 year old female character with a really badly messed up face (such as one who washes her face daily with a belt sander might posess), you probably won't want my face for your Haulin' Oats game.

However if you have room in the animal collection, I have a pet mallard duck hen who comes with a story. Her name is Quigly Quack and she is an indoor duck who is usually quite friendly toward people. Unfortunately the owner of the home health agency which provides my cares decided to hire a guy without doing a background check, and unfortunately he had been convicted of sexual assult, and unfortunately the owner saw fit to send him to the homes of female clients including ones who had requested no male aides because of, well, you know; trust and fear issue surrounding rape and abuse and other trivialities. Anywayyyy... rather than starting to do my cares, he chose to start feeling me up. As I started to beg for him to stop, Quigly flew up and grabbed him by the nose with her bill, hanging there for a couple of seconds while he flailed about with his arms trying to regain his ballance. She let go momentarily and then was right back in his face, that time managing somehow to get ahold of his eye lid ripping a hole in it. It was kinda weird seeing part of his eye looking through its usual opening and the whites showing through the new one. The guy proceeded to demonstrate his limited knowledge of profanity and began chasing Quigly around the house. Whenever he thought he had her cornered, she'd fly up to the ceiling and right over his head. She kept him distracted long enough for me to call 911. As she flew back into the room with him in hot pursuit a voice came over the speaker phone as if on que, "Lancaster County 911, what's your emergancy?" The guy shouted what was appearently the only curse word he knew, "Fucker!" and ran away, sans pants. He had appearently undone them prior to feeling me up, and lost them entirely at some point during the wild duck chase.

Things didn't end there, but with one exception Quigly's part in it was over. I've got to stop now. I use a mouth mouse and on-screen keyboard to type, and I'm completely nackered after using the last ten+ hours writing. Feel free to use anything I tell you in any way you want free of charge. Even if you wanted to bring me on for some inscrutable reason I couldn't accept a railroad penny or else I'd lose my limited care, and that would be the end of me... after two or three weeks of starvation, dehydration, laying in my own filth and probably suffering a ruptured bladder somewhere along the way. Hmm... do you suppose I could get the SPCA to believe that I am an animal (as we all really are) and either place me in a good home, or gently and kindly euthanize me instead? Nah. That's for species other than humans. Every human life is precious, except for some, so we should suffer with dignity until we die, or the insurance money runs out. Whichever comes first.

11+ hours.
Gramps Jan 31 @ 11:37am 
Haha, investing in or running a retirement home, eh? That could have an interesting angle actually. Duly noted.

That is indeed a pretty dark and terribly story you have there. The fact that you can find the bright side in it is admirable.

I want to say there is a duck character in Haulin' Oats but I could be mistaken. I know the pets in there already are a sloth, German shepard, blood hound, and pig. I don't remember what the fifth is. Either way, I'll add a duck as a companion in The Dope Game 2!

You mentioned Lancaster County, is that in Pennsylvania?
A viscious maiming machine who mascarades as a fragile, cute, shy, gentle duck! Where should I

Lancaster County Nebraska. It's the county where the state capital Lincoln is.

I fervently hope that your games will not require direct x 11. I was given this computer by a charity in England (where I used to live). When it was new, it must have been quite the monster machine. I'm the third owner though, and more and more of it is becoming obsolete. I could never afford a computer like this one much the less a new one, so I've got to stick with games which will run under Windows 7 and direct x 9.0c. Fortunately this computer came loaded with games on a Steam account, so even as more game makers migrate to dx 11 I'll still have a lot of goodies to keep me busy for some time to come.

Reagarding my life history, I think perhaps the most difficult part was how far I fell in so short a period of time, and how quickly things came unraveled after that. In December of 1999 I was a top-ranked classical violist playing as a member of the world's top rated chamber orchestra, with seven Grammys on my mantle, and also holding the position of chair of the department of music at Cambridge University. I was pulling down an income in the high six figures, and I had a super husband, and a son which any parent would be proud of. Less than a year later I had lost all but my son, and less than three years after that even my son was dead.

I don't know why I'm dropping this downer on you. I don't even know you. I guess it started out being a reply to the "dark and terrible story" paragraph and it somehow just went sideways on me.

Out of curiosity, what is it about Lancaster County PA which brought it up? There must be a story there or you wouldn't have asked.

Sleep beckons
Gramps Feb 1 @ 11:36am 
Would have a pet companion any other way!

Nope, we do not use any DirectX ever. Always had way too many problems with it in the past. Plus it doesn't make for good cross-platform games.

Frankly, sounds like that would all make a fascinating memoire. My condolences for all the harsh events you had to experience after all those great achievements.

I asked about Lancaster PA because I grew up in Pennsylvania until my early twenties. While I've never been out in Lancaster, it is at least something I'm familiar with.
Loved the first one
- should add more interactivity / side quests to make us play it more
- have a better way to manage equipment & crew, i.e. improved stash
- Expand the pokémangos like The Fish Files did on GBC
- Having street gangs streefights / retaliations from clans when you sell too much or w/e in an area
- Having truces /betrayals, partnership / full war with said gangs.
- Bribing authorities / judges / hospitals / doctors could be a possibility
- Having authorities / judges / hospitals / doctors that can have your back
- Black market authorities / judges / hospitals / doctors from hazardous places
- Having the possibility to snitch ( or get snitched ) on adversary gangs to auth/j/h/d
- Having a stand-up comedy club as a side-quest where you could spray your audience with fairy dust, which turns out to be highly caffeinated chocolate syrup
- Having street gangs graffitis on walls to tell you're in their area, when you're conquering the area and start winning it, the graff could be replaced with one you made in pixels.
- Black market for stolen objects, from hobos and the largest range possible of drug addicts ( those on coke will sell you electric trinkets, if you try one you might get striked, if it rains you might get striked too; could also have an inplementation with pokémangos (read further) ), and could sell you 2-3 legit pokémangos across all black market sellers, but this would mean they also could tell you a scuffed pokémangos which will end fighting you and your crew.
- Get on the dark side of the internet to sell piles of drugs, while selling on it will get you uncovered more easily
-Could even implement a knowledge of the dark net so you get better with dem proxies, meaning you can spoof the popo, and also having the possibility in mid-late game to sell y huge bulks
- Which leads to bribing airports and sea ports so your cokestock cargo can go through authorities

And I'm not even a poké fan, The Fish Files did it so good, it could be a match made in heaven for me.

Dialogs are good, even though i got about 4 out of 5 references the old lady on the bus said, nothing to add on that, keep on going the same writing path.

Last but not least: have a talk with RWS to include as an easter egg the postal dude.
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