Historical Immersion Project CK2 HIP
Historical Immersion Project CK2 HIP
March 28, 2015
ABOUT Historical Immersion Project

HIP: The Modular Mod for CKII

Historical Immersion Project (HIP) is a collection of mods for Crusader Kings II which are designed to be able to work together in any combination. As the name suggests, all of its modules share a common focus upon historical immersion. It has a single, automatic installer and consists of:

+ EMF: Extended Mechanics & Flavor - Core overhaul
+ SWMH: SomeWhat More Historic - Map and history overhaul
---> SED: English Localisation for SWMH
---> MiniSWMH: High-performance SWMH
+ ARKOpack Armoiries: CoA overhaul
+ ARKOpack Interface: GUI overhaul
+ CPRplus - Extensive portraits overhaul
+ LTM - Graphics overhaul (textures, terrain, 3D shaders, etc.)
+ Shortcuts - Combination of Arumba's Keyboard Shortcuts and Internal Tab Shortcuts for quickly navigating the interface

Use this group to keep track of your HIP friends and new HIP releases.

Hit up our official sub-forum on ParadoxPlaza to get more information, download, and discuss:

We also have a burgeoning presence on the CKII Wiki, which should help explain HIP to new and old users alike. Wikis are always a work-in-progress, but this one's under rapid construction, so do also check back later for more in-depth and detailed information:

EMF keeps a comprehensive changelog archive all the way back to its first version, which is really handy since mechanics documentation otherwise isn't exactly widespread: (released versions) (current open beta)

Finally, HIP has a small but growing standalone web presence:

If you'd like to donate to the project to help us make a dent in our server rental costs or simply because you like us, just click the PayPal 'Donate to HIP' button at the bottom of those pages.

Official HIP Website[]
HIP Forum [ParadoxPlaza][]
HIP Discord Server[]
HIP Release - 2020-07-09 [Frosty3]
HIP Release - 2020-03-06 [Frosty2]
KogUt KrUl KUr Aug 2, 2020 @ 2:02pm 
Where can I suggest changes to HIP? One I'd like to is the breaking apart of the Russian culture. It makes no sense that there is such a wide variety of western and southern slavic cultures (when they were not varied at all in the early and high middle ages) but the Russian culture stays a monolith. In my humble opinion it should at the very least be broken into Russian in the north and Ruthenian in the south and west, which would make more sense looking at how culture is being used throughout the mod.

I think this is a minor change which would bring much flavour to people playing often in the slavic regions such as mslf.
qrznvi Jul 18, 2020 @ 2:36pm 
Oh also version.txt:
EMF: Extended Mechanics & Flavor (v11.2 - 2020-07-09)
Arumba and Internal Tab Shortcuts (2020-05-12)
ARKO Interface (2020-06-28)
SWMH (v3.42 - 2020-07-08)
MiniSWMH: Performance-Friendly SWMH (v1.7.2 - 2020-05-18)
ARKO Armoiries (2020-06-28)
LTM (C - 2019-12-02)
qrznvi Jul 18, 2020 @ 2:17pm 
(not sure if this is the right place to put this but idk where to report bugs)
I've been having an issue. I'm playing as the Fatimids from the iron century start, and I have just conquered Egypt. When I mouse over the "found cairo" decision, the game immediately crashes. I am playing on linux (debian, to be more specific).
Lima Jun 26, 2020 @ 12:20am 
is frosty2 compatible with ck2 3.3.3?
Alexios Brante Fidele Jun 5, 2020 @ 10:48pm 
it's has_heir_designation = yes. Add it in the common/religions/00_religions.txt.
Bubbah Black May 2, 2020 @ 4:46pm 
you can probably dick around in the code and add it to christians. trry some of the files in common folders for ck2 or hip
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