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Revolt Servers - Official Revolt-
May 24, 2014
ABOUT Revolt Servers - Official

Premium Game Servers & High Class Customer Support

At Revolt Servers, we are interested in providing fast, reliable, and affordable services for regular or occasional web & game servers customers. We are extremely interested in our clients receiving the best service available, therefore ensuring the continuity of our hosting, and our reputation as one of the best provider.

• Premium Servers
Our Game Servers are hosted on Intel Xeon E3 & E5 machines and on optimized operating systems, perfect for all your needs in terms of servers. We always optimize our machines for the best gaming experience ever.

• High Class Customer Support
Revolt is not only known for Premium Servers, but also for High Class Customer Support. All of our clients receive simply the most friendly & efficient support that you can get. Reach out to us via Tickets, Skype or Live Chat Support!

• Powerful Network
We have chosen to do business with one of the most powerful networks all around the world. All of our premium servers are powered by a 1gbit/s dedicated network, as well as protected by DDoS Attacks reaching over 180gbit/s. Do not worry, we will not null your IP like our competitors!

• East-to-use Game Panel
Revolt trusts TC Admin Game Panel when it comes to offer our customers the best solutions to manage and customize their game servers. Revolt custom TC Admin Panel allows its users to easily accomplish whatever they are trying to do.

• Demo Servers Available
Would you love to test our great servers before you purchase? No problem! Simply open a Demo Server (URL: request ticket and we will try to accommodate you as well as possible.

• Freebies
Each Game Server purchase comes with Free Fast Download, Free DDoS Protection (up to 180gbit/s), and Free Web Hosting Bronze Package for you and your community. We also include a Free 25 Slot Mumble Server (Voice). Open a ticket after your purchase to request your goodies.

// About our Chief Gamer Officer & Owner
Artur "SuB" Minacov has been gaming for more than ten years, and have acquired a high level of knowledge in this domain. He knows the feelling when your server is not doing great. This is why Revolt Servers focuses on the quality of the servers provided, making sure that every single one of them runs as smooth as possible. The idea behind all this, is to keep you, the client, happy and entertained.

"The results of quality work last longer than the shock of high prices. This is what Revolt Servers is all about and it has all been made possible by people with great minds, but more importantly, big hearts!" – SuB
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MegaGiveaway Abderra7Man
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@Kemerd. Still happening :) Winners at the end of Summer!!
.Beardless Everett Jul 26, 2014 @ 7:12pm 
PC Giveaway? :O
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@Monkey. Answered in one of your support tickets. Cheers.
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Sup SuB I am getting more peeps for yeah
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Nice PC Giveaway, I''l take it. ;)
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May 24, 2014