May 31, 2010


Welcome to the BEERHEADS PUB! We provide the best and most fun Team Fortress 2 Servers on TF2! We are considered a community or friends so we are not a clan. We are a bunch of friendly people from all around the world that like to get together and play whatever game it maybe. On our servers we welcome all walks of life. We don't discriminate anyone of color, race or religion. We are a mature group of gamers that play games and have fun!

MultiMod Server: Freak Fortress 2 Updated!
Updated to 1.10.9.

This is only on the new MultiMod Server!

  • Fixed a critical exploit related to sv_cheats (naydef)
  • Updated weapons for the Tough Break update (Wliu)
  • Partially synced with VSH (all changes listed courtesy of VSH contributors and @shadow93)
  • VSH: Don't play end-of-round announcer sounds
  • VSH: Increase boss damage to 210% (up from 200%)
  • VSH: Give scout bosses +3 capture rate instead of +4
  • VSH: Don't actually call for medic when activating rage
  • VSH: Override attributes for all mediguns and syringe guns
  • Fixed Ambassador, Diamondback, Phlogistinator, and the Manmelter not dealing the correct damage (Dalix)
  • Adjusted medigun and Dead Ringer mechanics to provide a more native experience (Wliu)
  • Prevent autoteam spam and possible crashes (naydef)
  • Fixed boss's health not appearing correctly before round start (Wliu)
  • Fixed ff2_alive...again (Wliu from Dalix)
  • Fixed BossInfoTimer (that thing no one knows about because it never worked) (Wliu)
  • Reset clone status properly (Wliu)
  • Don't allow sound_kill_* and sound_hit to overlap each other (Wliu from WakaFlocka)
  • Prevent sound_lastman sounds from overlapping with regular kill sounds (Wliu from WakaFlocka)
  • Updated Russian translation (silenser)
  • [Server] Make sure the entity is valid before creating a healthbar (shadow93)
  • [Server] Fixed invalid client errors originating from ff2_1st_set_abilities.sp (Wliu)
  • [Server] Added ff2_start_music command for symmetry (Wliu from WakaFlocka)
  • [Dev] Actually make FF2_OnMusic work (Wliu from shadow93)
  • [Dev] Rewrote BGM code (Wliu)
  • [Dev] Fixed ability sounds playing even if the ability was canceled in
  • FF2_PreAbility (Wliu from xNanoChip)
  • Fixed the Powerjack and Kunai one-hit killing bosses (naydef)
  • Fixed companions always having default rage damage and lives, even if specified otherwise (Wliu from Shadow)
  • Fixed bosses instantly losing if a boss disconnected while there were still other bosses alive (Shadow from Spyper)
  • Fixed minions receiving benefits intended only for normal players (Wliu)
  • Removed Shortstop reload penalty (Starblaster64)
  • Whitelisted the Shooting Star (Wliu)
  • Fixed large amounts of lives being cut off when being displayed (Wliu)
  • More living spectator fixes (naydef, Shadow)
  • Fixed health bar not updating when goomba-ing the boss (Wliu from Akuba)
  • [Server] Added arg12 to rage_cloneattack to determine whether or not clones die after their boss dies (Wliu)
  • [Server] Fixed UTIL_SetModel not precached crashes when using model_projectile_replace (Wliu from Shadow)
  • [Server] ff2_crits now defaults to 0 instead of 1 (Wliu from Spyper)
  • [Server] Fixed divide by 0 errors (Wliu)
  • [Dev] Fixed FF2_OnAlivePlayersChanged not returning the number of minions (Wliu)
  • [Dev] Fixed PDAs and sappers not being usable when given to bosses (Shadow)
  • Updated the default health formula to match VSH's (Wliu)
  • Updated for compatability with the Gunmettle update (Wliu, Shadow, Starblaster64, Chdata, sarysa, and others)
  • Fixed boss weapon animations sometimes not working (Chdata)
  • Disconnecting bosses now get replaced by the person with the second-highest queue points (Shadow)
  • Fixed bosses rarely becoming 'living spectators' during the first round (Shadow/Wliu)
  • Fixed large amounts of damage insta-killing multi-life bosses (Wliu from Shadow)
  • Fixed death effects triggering when FF2 wasn't active (Shadow)
  • Fixed 'sound_fail' playing even when the boss won (Shadow)
  • Fixed charset voting again (Wliu from Shadow)
  • Fixed bravejump sounds not playing (Wliu from Maximilian_)
  • Fixed end-of-round text occasionally showing random symbols and file paths (Wliu)
  • Updated Russian translations (Maximilian_)
  • [Server] Fixed 'UTIL_SetModel not precached' crashes (Shadow/Wliu)
  • [Server] Fixed Array Index Out of Bounds errors when there are more than 32 chances (Wliu from Maximilian_)
  • [Server] Fixed invalid client errors in easter_abilities.sp (Wliu)
  • [Server] Missing boss files are now logged (Shadow)
  • [Dev] Added FF2_StartMusic that was missing from the include file (Wliu from Shadow)
  • [Dev] FF2_GetBossIndex now makes sure the client index passed is valid (Wliu)
  • [Dev] Rewrote the health formula parser and fixed a few bugs along the way (WildCard65/Wliu)
  • [Dev] Prioritized exact matches in OnSpecialSelected and added a 'preset' bool (Wliu from Shadow)
  • [Dev] Removed deprecated FCVAR_PLUGIN cvar flags (Wliu)
  • Fixed slow-mo being extremely buggy (Wliu from various)
  • Fixed the Festive SMG not getting crits (Wliu from Dalix)
  • Fixed teleport sounds not being played (Wliu from Dalix)
  • !ff2_stop_music can now target specific clients (Wliu)
  • [Server] Fixed multiple sounds not working after TF2 changed the default sound extension type (Wliu)
  • [Dev] Fixed rage damage not resetting after using
  • FF2_SetBossRageDamage (Wliu from WildCard65)
  • Fixed players getting overheal after winning as a boss (Wliu/FlaminSarge)
  • Rebalanced the Baby Face's Blaster (Shadow)
  • Fixed the Baby Face's Blaster being unusable when FF2 was disabled (Wliu from Curtgust)
  • Fixed the Darwin's Danger Shield getting replaced by the SMG (Wliu)
  • Added the Tide Turner and new festive weapons to the weapon whitelist (Wliu)
  • Fixed Market Gardener backstabs (Wliu)
  • Improved class switching after you finish the round as a boss (Wliu)
  • Fixed the !ff2 command again (Wliu)
  • Fixed bosses not ducking when teleporting (CapnDev)
  • Prevented dead companion bosses from becoming clones (Wliu)
  • [Server] Fixed `ff2_alive` never being shown (Wliu from various)
  • [Server] Fixed invalid healthbar errors (Wliu from ClassicGuzzi)
  • [Server] Fixed `OnTakeDamage` errors from spell Monoculuses (Wliu from ClassicGuzzi)
  • [Server] Added `ff2_arena_rounds` and deprecated `ff2_first_round` (Wliu from Spyper)
  • [Server] Added `ff2_base_jumper_stun` to disable the parachute on stun (Wliu from Shadow)
  • [Server] Prevented FF2 from loading if it gets loaded in the `/plugins/freaks/` directory (Wliu)
  • [Dev] Fixed `sound_fail` (Wliu from M76030)
  • [Dev] Allowed companions to emit `sound_nextlife` if they have it (Wliu from M76030)
  • [Dev] Added `sound_last_life` (Wliu from WildCard65)
  • [Dev] Added `FF2_OnAlivePlayersChanged` and deprecated `FF2_Get{Alive|Boss}Players` (Wliu from Shadow)
  • [Dev] Fixed AIOOB errors in `FF2_GetBossUserId` (Wliu)
  • [Dev] Improved `FF2_OnSpecialSelected` so that only part of a boss name is needed (Wliu)
  • [Dev] Added `FF2_{Get|Set}BossRageDamage` (Wliu from WildCard65)

TESTING 123?: New Servers in testing phase.
SupeR Dec 14, 2018 @ 6:43pm 
Damn it's been way too long without this :(
erikfishy3000 Jan 15, 2018 @ 8:16pm 
Man I spent alot of time on this server and it meant alot to me
GlacialWind Feb 10, 2017 @ 7:27pm 
Haans Job Jan 21, 2017 @ 9:33pm 
Same here I spent my 2013 summer on Beerheads pub I love you guys
stupid fuck, what a gay name Jan 18, 2017 @ 11:27am 
I remember the day I left Tf2, I donated all of my items, ( i know it wasnt alot) to a mod named Robin (or was it robbin) And said my final goodbyes. It saddens me that since I left, the community has since died, and really noone is active. I went on to look at the Kimmons Corp page, but they too have died out, and now all thats left is athena gaming, a group of <100 players, a fragement of what once was in this community. I don't know what happened to this community, but Mr. Beerhead, thanks for the memories. I was looking through the members section, and recognized a few players there, mostly Derek, and got chocked up. Anyhow, I'm gonna leave it at that. RIP Beerhead's Pub. You will always be in my memeories.
stupid fuck, what a gay name Jan 18, 2017 @ 11:27am 
I don't know if anyone is ever gonna read this, but I need to post it. The fact the Beerhead's Pub is now dead is probably the saddest thing I've had to come to terms with in a while. I know it's (it was, sorry) just a hub for casual players, but 4 years ago, this is where I spent my whole summer. I put 500+ hours into tf2, and at least 90% of that time was on the beerheads achievement idle server. I met alot of friends on there, and I don't know if anyone remembers me (Dr. BoB.) but I was that 13 year old kid who spend 5 hours a day on here, and never once used his mic. I never know any of you personally, but some of my best gaming memories were me flying around as a soilder and getting sniped mid-air by a heavy or whatever.
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