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STEAM GROUP bartervg
November 25, 2014
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Nov 20 @ 9:27am
how do i get 5 completed trades when I am "new"
Nov 17 @ 1:16pm
Very Noob question: Does "Already own + blacklist" blacklist the user or the games?
Nov 7 @ 11:58pm
New user - Can't change region in profile
Oct 30 @ 11:03pm
Beware of trader AlbyPhenix
Oct 27 @ 3:11pm
Beware of trader VasoKolbaso
Originally posted by VasoKolbaso:
what? what?
ok ok
i have now 523 friends
all is my alt
and all vote for me
The only thing you accomplish with this is making yourself look bad (and making the other person look innocent).
Originally posted by VasoKolbaso:
you want attention
you will got it - gime your main account
let me see you ferst 10 most played games and i will say what is your problem
4000 hours in dota2 made it with you?
There are a bunch of hours of Counter-Strike, is that insufficient to satisfy your investigative curiosity? Most games look like they were inefficiently carded rather than played, yes, but surely you can't suspect r6 has a 25k games 'hidden' account where the "actual gaming" happens (angry male adolescent-style)? That's a bit over the top.

Originally posted by VasoKolbaso:
reason - in taht day i been in bad shape and not want "eat it again"
So you don't want to say which of your 20 accounts own the game and how they got it 'because it was a bad day'?
You keep dodging the questions about this. Sometimes your replies imply for example that 'Sasha' there is your alt, sometimes you claim you have many alts but that is not one of them.

Originally posted by r6d2:
Would he be able to post an undoctored screenshot of the page from this account? I don't think so.
OTOH, if it's not actually his account, he wouldn't be able to. :I_am_happy:
Originally posted by r6d2 @
I want to make crystal clear that at no point in time Barter offered VasoKolbaso that I'd remove my -rep here on ST during the mediation. & reads to me like both parties would retract their -rep and cease all other hostilities because they have better things to do.
VasoKolbaso was >crystal clear< that a withdrawal from disputes and angry posting was reliant on that ("if he not do same in few days").

Originally posted by VasoKolbaso:
yes man yes
its realy great idea for scumming:
- you take game with price $19.99 [70 traders can offer it on barter and 16 want]
- you ask game with price $14.99 [160 traders can offer it on barter and 10 want]
- and then you send your game price $19.99 [70 traders can offer it on barter and 16 want] FERST

all ok with you r6d2?
you think there good way for scum???
But you (Vaso) sent the key first, not r6. I'm not sure what this is about otherwise?

Originally posted by VasoKolbaso:
2 my accounts have it
you hear me 2
so what its mean?
its mean i use 2 your keys?
its mean nothing
Before the trade, 1(?) of your accounts had it.
Now at some point later, 2 of your accounts have it.
The question where the one extra copy (1, not 2...) came from seems valid?
Oct 28 @ 6:10pm
PINNED: Bundle Omissions, Mistakes, and Errors
Sep 1 @ 5:22pm
Is it possible to search inactive users?
Aug 29 @ 11:01am
Hijacked Steam accounts due to malicious sites
Sep 5 @ 9:44am
A big warning for all humble bundle gift link traders on barter!
Aug 13 @ 12:04pm
Humble gift links: to give, or not to give, the question
Showing 1-10 of 139 entries