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November 25, 2014
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Aug 8 @ 5:02pm
How do we tag games with revoked keys?
Apr 4 @ 12:13am
Why does Barter close the dispute without the consent of the parties?
Selling keys and not sending you keys are two different issues. Is it possible that BlackyM activated the key on another account? Yes. Without the time of the activation, cannot eliminate that possibility. However, it seems unlikely that someone would cancel an exchange and then attempt to sell the key.

The more likely scenario, given the offer history you posted, is that BlackyM made a mistake by countering and not changing the ratio from 1:2 to 2:2. This was a bad deal and BlackyM did not want to proceed. This was not the ideal way to cancel an offer.

It's difficult to proceed in that scenario of a failed exchange where you've sent the key. However, I believe the next step would be to secure the key either by activating it yourself or sending it to someone else to activate in order to ensure it hasn't been used. Uploading the visible key and posting it allows others to activate the code and makes determining culpability even more difficult.

Yet, in the end, the key was mislabeled and no longer works. There's nothing to replace in this case. If, in the worst case scenario you allege, BlackyM did sell the key while your were arguing on Steam, there will be consequences with the buyer that received it.
Originally posted by Solomon:
I lost the key and the one who received it could use it all this time, so why is this fact not taken into account?
It was, and that was why LRiPPER asked to see BlackyM's recent licenses, which did not show Pandemic. The investigation was complicated by the fact that the key was visible in the screenshots you posted to the offer.

LRiPPER continued to search until the beta key was revoked. At this point, it was clear that the item offered was not as described. If you had completed the trade, BlackyM would have disputed the offer since it was a limited-time beta rather than a key from Fanatical.

Originally posted by Solomon:
That is, now everyone who received a beta key that was recalled can open a dispute upon the loss.
Yes, this is possible. Revocation is a reason to dispute a completed offer.

Originally posted by Solomon:
What then to do when developers revoke keys purchased at Humble for example?
Dispute is an option, and the mediator will examine the situation. This has been more common occurrence for Go Go Bundles and traders have come to expect this from Go Go.

Originally posted by Solomon:
I’m not asking for compensation. I just ask you to leave a reminder for BlackyM so that it is more attentive and other users as well.
This is why LRiPPER set the offer to Abandoned. It counts as a failed offer. This seems to be the appropriate reason given what happened. BlackyM claimed not to have used the key and LRiPPER found no evidence to contradict this. If you're curious about when it was activated, you can contact Steam support, but there is little else to be done with the dispute.

Originally posted by Solomon:
I am sure that this will not affect his transactions in the future, but I am also sure that such large traders need to leave such reminders so that they do not use their reputation to put pressure on small traders.
BlackyM did make a mistake by proposing this offer and contacting you without canceling it. However, it appears to be a mistake and not an attempt to defraud you.
I've read the offer comments and messaged LRiPPER, but I was not the mediator so please tell me if this description is accurate.

Two weeks ago, you sent this offer and BlackyM countered with this offer that you accepted. However, BlackyM left the offer as 2:1 instead of changing it to 2:2. BlackyM contacted you on Steam and you send the key for Pandemic: The Board Game, after which, BlackyM wrote `no sorry I cannot do that I thought 2 for 2` and the conversation continued without any agreement. Afterwards, BlackyM failed the offer and requested to cancel. You failed the offer and disputed with sent item, received nothing. You then posted the screenshots of the Steam chat, including the visible key, in the offer comments.

LRiPPER volunteered to mediate the dispute and spent several days messaging with both sides including asking a receiving a screenshot of BlackyM's recent licenses. In addition, researched the key that appeared in the public screenshot. The key produced Status: Fail/DuplicateActivationCode error and at the time, the thought was that someone may have seen the screenshot and activated the key. However, key was for 167501, Pandemic for Beta Testing. After searching, LRiPPER discovered that there was an ongoing free beta test on and was able to obtain a key and verify that it also activated 167501. Keys from bundles were for 167502.

On April 1, the beta key that LRiPPER received was revoked. Based on this information, it seemed likely that the beta key that you offered was not from Fanatical and either did not work at the time or would be revoked in the days following the offer. Therefore, BlackyM had no obligation to complete the exchange because the key was a revoked beta key and not purchased from a bundle. The most appropriate resolution was to set the offer to Failed: not as described / abandoned.

The screenshots are no longer visible in the offer due to changes I made to avoid the accidental posting of keys and gift links. Please remove or obscure keys and other private information before uploading them.
Feb 9 @ 5:13am
WTH? User ReDiR ignored and skipped on barter and BLOCKED on steam YET they can accept my multiple offer
Jan 15 @ 10:57pm
Change Failed offer status?
Jan 12 @ 12:35am
A Short Hike must be withdrawn from Barter
Originally posted by HereIsPlenty:
So the link has already been activated and is no use to you.
Although Humble support reported that they are not getting any more keys, I believe that there is a chance that the developer will get more keys, supply them to Humble, and add them to the Monthly bundle and associated gift links.

It's a link like correct? I have other empty gift links, so I understand what I would receive. I'm willing to accept that risk and wait. I've already played it and I'm not much of a collector.

As brake noted above, this is a larger issue for which I will need to improve reporting. I didn't consider the tag description until you reported it. Also, the empty gift links are useful to me. Either the Steam key will appear one day, in which I'll report that news and this will be A Short Hike exchanged for A Short Hike trade, or it will never appear, and I can continually monitor that and warn about the problem.
It sounds like the developer wants to add keys, but there is some undisclosed problem with Steam and/or Humble. It's one of the best reviewed game on Steam. It's clear not a game-shaped object that Steam needs to worry about key abuse. Therefore, I still hold hope that the keys will be delivered eventually.

You send the empty gift link and I save it. I send the Steam key and you get the game now. I have unused keys going back years, so I have no problem waiting.
I have a Steam key for A Short Hike. I'll exchange it for the empty gift link. DM me on Discord or add on Steam to swap.
Jan 7 @ 2:30am
What happens when you mark a trade completed better/worse than expected?
Jan 6 @ 6:59am
Accepted Offer Expiration Question
Jan 4 @ 12:21pm
Event #52: Humble Choice 2, OCTOPATH, A Plague Tale, Cat Quest II
Saturday January 4 at 17:00 UTC on #event

Humble Choice Auctions
Middle-earth: Shadow of War
Graveyard Keeper
Two Point Hospital
DiRT Rally
Event Results
@barter Them's Fightin' Herds @docxfamas 4000 @Archi
@barter Unrailed! @docxfamas 4000 @Archi
@barter Trailmakers @Carlmundo 5000 @PrometeheusCZ
@barter Whispers of a Machine @docxfamas 5500 @alphabet
@barter GRIP: Combat Racing +DLCs ROW @DarkwingedTrumpeter 5000 @Geosmin
@barter Mages of Mystralia @SneakySlay 6000
@barter Bad North @SneakySlay 6000 @Saintevil
@barter Street Fighter V ROW @SneakySlay 9500
@barter Graveyard Keeper @SneakySlay 13000
@barter DiRT Rally 2.0 +DLC @DarkwingedTrumpeter 21000
@barter Two Point Hospital @solarfun 29000 @Saintevil
@barter Middle-earth: Shadow of War ROW @SneakySlay 19000
@Abrix | The Game Killer Cities Skylines @docxfamas 10500
@Nobbu / 1561 Everyone Dies @barter 2000
@BarbaricGenie Shenmue I & II @solarfun 3500
@Helico23 Party Hard Tycoon @Nobbu / 1561 2000
@SneakySlay Phantom Doctrine @Saiki 5000
@Saintevil Lucius III @solarfun 5500
@Carlmundo Endless RPG @Nobbu / 1561 3100
@barter Virgo Versus the Zodiac @Carlmundo 17000
@Abrix | The Game Killer Prison Architect @PrometeheusCZ 5500
@Nobbu / 1561 Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions @Carlmundo 21000
@BarbaricGenie State of Mind @Geosmin 2222
@Helico23 Train Valley @carrieshot 1500
@SneakySlay Arkham City Game Of The Year / @Geosmin 3333
@Saintevil WAY OF THE PASSIVE FIST (plus OST from bandcamp) @solarfun 4500
@Carlmundo No Time @Geosmin 5555
@barter Cat Quest II @SneakySlay 27000
@barter A Plague Tale: Innocence @Carlmundo 81000
@barter OCTOPATH TRAVELER @Carlmundo 118000
Jan 5 @ 11:52pm
Humble Choice Question
Jan 3 @ 11:20am
Can't modify my alt profile link
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