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STEAM GROUP bartervg
November 25, 2014
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Event FAQ
An event is another way to exchange games using different auction types.

What are the auction types?
gems, games, hybrid, dutch, reverse

Gem auctions
You bid in gem amounts. At the end of the auction, you exchange any Steam marketable items of equal value for the auction game.

For example, if you have the high bid of 2800 gems and win the auction. You can exchange 2800 gems, or 80 trading cards, or 1 CSGO key, or a mix of other items equal to 2800 gems.

Game auctions
You bid with games. This is similar to making a trade offer of games for games. Since it is subjective, it is slower than gem auctions. Real-time attempts haven't worked well.

Hybrid auctions
A mix of games and/or marketable items.

Dutch auctions
Unless otherwise noted, all auctions are English auctions where bidders call out increasing amounts. Dutch auctions start at a high amount and the auctineer reduces the amount until a bidder accepts.

The Dutch auction format suffers from group chat delays. Multiple bidders will all appear to have been first in their own windows, but the auctioneer will see a different order.

Reverse auctions
In the "typical" auction, the auctioneer offers a game and multiple bidder bid for that game. In the reverse auction, there is one bidder (the auctioneer), and potentially multiple sellers of the game. At the end of a successful reverse auction, the auctioneer sends gems and receives a game.

What does a typical auction look like? Auction #1: Scanner Sombre, starting bid 500, minimum increment of 100, begin bidding
Bidder 1: 500 going once... going twice...
Bidder 2: 600 going once... going twice...
Bidder 1: 700 going once... going twice... Scanner Sombre gone to Bidder 1 for 700
[ exchange of gems for game completes at the end of the event ]

What is the value of my item?
Find the highest bid for your item in the Steam marketplace, then use this calculator[] to determine its value in gems.

I have a game, how much is it worth in gems?
Since games are not marketable items, they cannot easily be valued in gems. This isn't to say they have no value, they may be very valuable, but that in order to keep calculations simple, they cannot be used in gem-based auctions.

I have gems, but I can't trade them for some number of days. Can I bid?
Yes, when the gems become tradable, you can exchange the gems for the game(s).

Do I have to activate and stream any game I win?
No, this applies only to spotlight games. For auction games, there are no requirements. Once you exchange items for the games, it is as if you had traded for the game.

Can I auction games at the event?
Yes, there are typically available spots during an auction for you to auction games. You can act as auctioneer or specify your preferred options to the main auctioneer. At the end of the event, you would exchange items with the high bidder.
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