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SCAMMER - TengriKut1923/ Logan/ Takamsak/ Yamataks/ Mandey/ Xansmza et al.
The trader with the vanishing keys
This trader has a history of trading keys that get invalidated after some time, and they can disappear from your library or no longer be redeemable. Still, I wanted to give him a chance. My mistake.

When I asked him to replace the invalid keys he gave me, he said it was not his problem.

After I told him I'd have no choice but to fail the trade with a dispute and report him, he suddenly changed his mind and offered me some other game from his list.

When I insisted to receive a key for the same game we traded in the first place, he said that those were from a giveaway and he had no more left.

Obviously, since ALL his keys come from giveaways, there's no guarantee that any replacement key he provides will not get the same destiny.

Definitely not a reliable trader. Caution is advised. Every time he's caught he creates a new account or changes his name.

Known profiles used for scamming

Barter profile,[] Steam profile.

Logan/ Kağan/ Maximinia/ RidvanCalisir
Barter profile,[] Steam profile.

Takamsak/ Sekunam/ XxX
Barter profile,[] Steam profile. (currently using this account to impersonate Royalgamer06)

Yamataks/ Yakuza/ Texa
Barter profile,[] Steam profile.

Kuzux/ Kuzakam/ Mandey
Barter profile,[] Steam profile. (currently using this account to impersonate me)

Minig/ Hakax/ HAKAXNA/ ZakangöSM/ Xansmza
Barter profile,[] Steam profile.

Personal profile (not used for trading so far): Dick Johnson Steam profile
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Heh, he is the only guy who nailed me in two years. At the very beginning, he added me with no reason. Later we traded keys twice or so. The last key he gave me revoked by Steam with a reason of payment issues. I wanted to talk to him but guess what, he removed me from his friend list immediately. Definitely stay away of him.
Oh well, I'm sorry I didn't read r6d2's warning on the Steam chat before I accepted the offer or I talked to that guy.

My story:

Barter offer screenshot[]

Note that:

1. He has 8 copies available (x8, I guess it was more when I accepted his offer)
2. His key is marked with Humble as "source" for the game
3. He disabled the comments on the offers

Since it was marked as a Humble key/gift, I decided to accept the trade. When I answered his friend request he wasn't online and since I wanted to ask him for a Humble gift (to be sure the source was correct, here's what happened:

[24/10/2016 - 10:58:58] TengriKut1923: hi ready trade
[24/10/2016 - 15:48:09] devotee: hi!
[24/10/2016 - 15:48:28] devotee: me too, please send a humble gift link if possible
[24/10/2016 - 15:49:01] TengriKut1923: *****-*****-*****
[24/10/2016 - 15:49:40] devotee: does that key come from Humble Bundle as tagged on barter?
[24/10/2016 - 15:50:18] TengriKut1923: secret
[24/10/2016 - 15:51:29] devotee: what's secret?
[24/10/2016 - 15:51:57] TengriKut1923: pls key send
[24/10/2016 - 15:52:19] devotee: look, it says it's a "Demo for Beta Testing", is this the full game?
[24/10/2016 - 15:52:38] TengriKut1923: yes full game
[24/10/2016 - 15:52:46] TengriKut1923: 1 year later start
[24/10/2016 - 15:52:55] TengriKut1923: Early Access game
[24/10/2016 - 15:52:58] devotee:
[24/10/2016 - 15:53:23] TengriKut1923: download see
[24/10/2016 - 15:53:26] TengriKut1923: alpha test
[24/10/2016 - 15:53:29] TengriKut1923: understad?
[24/10/2016 - 15:53:34] devotee: no, "Demo"
[24/10/2016 - 15:53:44] TengriKut1923: you thief?
[24/10/2016 - 15:54:55] devotee: do you think I'm a thief with 339 completed offers on barter and 183 +rep on Steamgifts?
[24/10/2016 - 15:55:41] devotee: I'll send you the key, but let me check that first
[24/10/2016 - 15:57:44] TengriKut1923: download game see
[24/10/2016 - 15:57:49] TengriKut1923: wait key...
[24/10/2016 - 15:57:56] TengriKut1923: or report...
[24/10/2016 - 16:01:47] devotee: are you threatening me?
[24/10/2016 - 16:02:07] devotee: first you call me thief and now you're threatening me, that's cool.
[24/10/2016 - 16:02:38] TengriKut1923: you joke?
[24/10/2016 - 16:02:45] TengriKut1923: because thief
TengriKut1923 se encuentra ahora en estado Desconectado.

As soon as he went offline (he removed me from his friend list) he cancelled the trade with a dispute.

It seems obvious now that the key was a limited-time alpha-prebeta-whatever access, I have received many "for Beta Testing" keys for games that in the end were fine and still are in my library, but when I saw "Woven Demo for Beta Testing" all alarms went off.

I'll try to contact the developers to ask them if those keys who are activated as "Demo for Beta Testing" are in fact the full game, forever ours to keep, or if they are going to be revoked when the game is released. If so, I'll also advice them to contact Steam and do something about this user, since he is using a significant number of their promotional keys to scam people.

TLDR; Avoid at all costs. Put him on your Barter ignore list, and block all communications with him on Steam. You won't regret doing so.
Naposledy upravil devotee; 24. říj. 2016 v 11.04
this guy tried to trade me his woven demo key too, can i somehow report him on

Never tell your password to anyone.
TengriKut1923: hi ready trade
PhrostB: yea but are you sure your copy is the actual game and not just the beta?
PhrostB: also, my key is at home.. i won't have it until later tonight
TengriKut1923: yes beta testing
TengriKut1923: Early Access game
TengriKut1923: 1 year later full game
PhrostB: no.. the beta isn't the full game, i have the beta already
PhrostB: Aug 8, 2016 Woven Demo for Beta Testing
TengriKut1923: yes demo beta testing
PhrostB: it's not the full game
PhrostB: look
TengriKut1923: ok my list another game interested?
PhrostB: no thanks
TengriKut1923: barter offer completed?
PhrostB: sure
TengriKut1923: done
TengriKut1923: failed?
TengriKut1923: llol
PhrostB: i wrote agreed to cancel
TengriKut1923: you idiot
PhrostB: excuse me? you need to learn some manners
Naposledy upravil PhrostB; 24. říj. 2016 v 10.24
r6d2 24. říj. 2016 v 14.45 
devotee původně napsal:
Oh well, I'm sorry I didn't read r6d2's warning on the Steam chat before I accepted the offer or I talked to that guy.

TLDR; Avoid at all costs. Put him on your Barter ignore list, and block all communications with him on Steam. You won't regret doing so.
I was warned long ago about this guy by @MakoSipper, but unfortunately I forgot about it.

Anyway, he's on Strike 1 now. 2 more and he's out for good.
Once, he offered me his 1 of 20ish free/bundled games with my 1 of 10ish high tier/low tier games. And when I accepted his offer, soon he cancelled the offer without add or talk to me (and he disabled comment on his offer). After that I blocked every contact with him and not regret it until now.
r6d2 27. říj. 2016 v 16.41 
And it seems that the show continues... Apparently he called some friend for help. :steambored:
Naposledy upravil r6d2; 27. říj. 2016 v 16.42
r6d2 🐶 původně napsal:
And it seems that the show continues... Apparently he called some friend for help. :steambored:
He's not very creative when it comes to commenting... He doesn't care to elaborate his claims, either. Fortunately, I have not been visited by "Dick" Johnson yet (that name... oh! that name...).
I couldn't help but notice that ALL the games he has were marked with "$0 - given away" and at the time, he claimed to have 10 copies of all of them. Was very suspicious. Plus, in his offer, he had disabled comments. I automatically decline such offers, since comments are the only way on barter to give indications to other traders about any issues during a trade, and I can't think of a legitimate reason to turn them off.
alexschrod původně napsal:
and I can't think of a legitimate reason to turn them off.
I think the admin only added that after a couple of vocal users asked him repeatedly. He shouldn't have... Comments aren't very intrusive on the site. And indeed they smell fishy rather than "I don't want to be annoyed by your chatter"...
Woven demo scamming is pretty low.
In the middle of an accepted trade (offered to me), i made the big mistake of chatting. i think there is a language barrier, which may be why the comment is disabled. i believe my chat comment was something like, i'm ok with this trade but not for anything else, since they are all free game. he said "joke?" i said, no, free game for what you wanted is more of a joke, and immediately without any further conversation was removed from friend list and trade canceled. i didn't want to stop the trade, but clearly communication broke down.

I agree comments should not be blocked. Because in this example, and the ones above, you can't make any kind of comment for someone browsing to read - god forbid the trade goes to dispute, and you can't write anything(?). No way to warn others, no way to document what transpired.

Sadly as long as people continue to trade with his free-only inventory it only enables further behavior. Browse the accepted trades and you'll see some real "steals" in the trade history...

I made a personal decision to stop dealing with giveaway items when i personally encountered beta revocation. I made it up to both traders affected and let that be the end of it.
Naposledy upravil dotHacker; 10. lis. 2016 v 14.30
I wasn't aware he abused the giveaways that bad, literally 100+ keys the moment a giveaway comes out. Within an hour he has 100+ offers sent out on barter spamming crazy. Luckily someone stopped him by giving him his -3 rep, so he can no longer trade.
He has also been suspended for 1 week on Steamgifts. Oh well, karma sucks.
Naposledy upravil devotee; 12. lis. 2016 v 14.48
Looks like he made a new account, he has Dirt3 100 offers sent out
Is it? there are (gasp) not free games in the inventory ...
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