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January 28, 2017
ABOUT Arokh's Lair

Focused for games with dragons

Arokh's Lair is the fansite for Drakan game series consistent of two games:
- Drakan: Order of the Flame
- Drakan: The Ancient's Gates

This group is dedicated to games similar in concept to Drakan and for all games featuring dragons and wyverns.
dprog1995 Sep 23 @ 6:17am 
Thanks, I saw the last update was in 2019 and I thought that it has been cancelled.
Teekus Sep 23 @ 5:31am 
The OpenDrakan project is currently on hold due to work / university commitments but Zalasus hasn't said that he's cancelled it. It's a hobby project to do in his spare time and maybe it will eventually be finished.
Lebul Sep 22 @ 7:15am 
Maybe we all have to spam support with emails.
dprog1995 Sep 22 @ 12:34am 
Guys, is the Open Drakan project still alive ?
Teekus Sep 20 @ 1:53am 
It may take a while, problem is finding the right person to talk to at Sony. Even then they would only consider it if they can turn a profit. As I mentioned in a previous post the game does not work without community patches which is a massive turn off for them. If they release the game they have to support it and a non working game results in bad reviews. In turn that leads to bad publicity. You can't release a game and tell players to install a 3rd party unsupported patch. Whilst that may be ok for indie developers it does not make commercial sense for a large corporation. Sony could make their own patch but that will result in costs for them. The fan patch was done by reverse engineering the code as the original source code is long gone.
dprog1995 Sep 20 @ 12:17am 
Had any luck contacting Sony guys ? I sent a message to ask Playstation twitter but I don't think that worked.