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January 28, 2017
ABOUT Arokh's Lair

Focused for games with dragons

Arokh's Lair is the fansite for Drakan game series consistent of two games:
- Drakan: Order of the Flame
- Drakan: The Ancient's Gates

This group is dedicated to games similar in concept to Drakan and for all games featuring dragons and wyverns.
Dragon Protector May 20 @ 4:02pm 
Ok I love to give it a try but idk how and may not be able to have it running all the time.
Teekus May 20 @ 2:29pm 
If anyone wants to set up a server in the USA by all means please do. The Arokh's Lair site is based in the UK and I host the Arokh's Lair game server on a spare PC at home. There is also another player who hosts and he's based in Poland. Please note that running a server is time consuming and we do this in our free time and at our costs.

We have played with several players based all over the world on both servers and it works well.

Discord is not mandatory, you don't have to use it if you don't want to.
Dragon Protector May 20 @ 2:02pm 
I dont use discord and why uk? Where us?
Teekus May 20 @ 1:11pm 
Drakan MP servers

Arokh’s Lair (UK) Part time server used for arranged game matches. Has a discord chat channel which is joined by invitation.

Arokh’s Lair (Poland) Full time server running more or less 24/7. Uses the same discord channel as the UK server.
Teekus May 12 @ 6:30am 
OK we think multiplayer finally works reliably. I have updated the 2018 multiplayer match discussion
iauraearien May 6 @ 7:43pm 
I had no issues getting OOTF to work on Win10, but maybe I was just lucky.