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Arokh's Lair Arokh's Lair
January 28, 2017
ABOUT Arokh's Lair

Focused for games with dragons

Arokh's Lair is the fansite for Drakan game series consistent of two games:
- Drakan: Order of the Flame
- Drakan: The Ancient's Gates

This group is dedicated to games similar in concept to Drakan and for all games featuring dragons and wyverns.
Dragon Protector Sep 12 @ 10:06am 
I dont own ps5 so i want it for pc. Also they better keep male human and female dragon bond going. I hate how everything female human these days
Teekus Aug 29 @ 6:31am 
No, I doubt it. The rights to the game(s) still are with Sony although some trademarks have expired in some countries. The intellectual property though is with SCEE but it's a real complicated mess. Sony are releasing some first party PS5 games on the PC too but it's highly unlikely they will get one of their developers to remake / re-release old games especially a 20 year old game like Drakan. If anything were to be done with the Drakan franchise it would likely be a completely new game maybe not a sequel but a new game based on the events of the existing games. A remake for the PS5 pretty much. Here's hoping that will happen.
iauraearien Aug 28 @ 5:28pm 
Drakan deserves it. The original game particularly needs some love after all this time.
Dragon Protector Aug 28 @ 5:24pm 
i hope drakan can get updated
dprog1995 Aug 27 @ 12:15pm 
Hey there. Since BOD is getting a rerelease on steam has there been any news for any Drakan rerelease ?
dprog1995 Sep 23, 2020 @ 6:17am 
Thanks, I saw the last update was in 2019 and I thought that it has been cancelled.