Ark One Ark0ne
Ark One Ark0ne
June 30, 2017

A1 : Gaming Community

Welcome to A1

New Members:
Welcome to A1! we originally started out as a tight knit Ark gaming community but are quickly expanding to a variety of other games while still maintaining our core community. It's the people that matter here more then the games themselves and we'd love to have you on board!

Community Rules:
  1. Don't Cheat or Exploit
  2. Don't be Toxic to the Community
That's it... In general we don't like making rules for players. If it seems like a dick thing to do we trust that our members wont do it. If you find anyone being toxic please report it to an admin ASAP. Thank you!

Heads up
Most of our news is given through our discord so keep in touch there!

ARK Settings:

Visit this page if you'd like to know more about the configuration settings

  • Ark Survival Evolved:
    • [A1] Aurelia ( Ragnarok )
    • [A1] Sanctum ( The Island )
    • [A1] Apocrypha( Aberration
    • [A1] Deadlands ( PVP Ragnarok )
  • PixArk
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Conan Exiles
  • Minecraft

How to Help keep A1 going:
If you are enjoying your time in A1 please consider becoming a patron to help keep us running (+ eventually restore us to our true glory XD). And Thank you.

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PVP Aberration

Apocrypha joins our cluster as the new PVP centerpiece this week. That being said there are a few things you should know about this new server:

(FOIP) = Find Out In Play

Apocrypha Information
  • Max Tribe size of 4 players
  • Max Tribe Dino Limit of 120
  • No Dino Transfer TO Apocrypha
  • No Item Transfers TO Apocrypha
  • Not effected by weekly bonuses (FOIP)
  • Apocrypha hides secrets to those searching for them (FOIP)

[A1] News Report!
New Servers, New Players, New Fun!

This past week has seen excellent growth across the board for us!
  • Lots of new friends have joined us on both Ark and Conan!
  • We've put online both a Conan Exiles and a Minecraft Server
  • Two new community managers join us this week! Melissa and Omega
  • We've got a couple new silver members this week to help support all of our addictions XD
  • We've got a couple twitch streamers with us now!

Big shout out to our new community managers

Hasn't quite been around as some of our other members but she's more then proven herself as quite capable. An absolute pleasure to play with and one of the best people persons we have. I'm really happy that she is now our main advertisement and new player manager. Monday was her first day officially on the job but shes been helping out new players since the day she started herself.

This guy's been around for a really long time in the [A1] Community. Turns out he's a damn good Minecraft administrator which is EXACTLY what we needed this week. With the major growth we've been going through I was having a hard time getting our Minecraft server actually finished but once I handed over the reigns to Omega he got it all setup in a matter of hours!

Ark Server News
(boring talk)
I'm rotating the IP address of Sanctum in order to throw the server I have prepared for Aberration onto the 60 slot server. I project quite a large population growth again around the time of Aberrations release so I'm gonna try to make sure we have plenty of room on there.

This means Sanctum will be offline temporarily until everything is sorted out. I'll post the update in discord once it's complete.


Review this excellent guide for getting setup by Omega[]

{A1} Infinity - Expert Mode

Join us for some minecraft fun!

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