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ACE Team aceteam
9 augustus 2007

ACE Team Game Developer

Welcome to ACE Team's official Steam group, where people can learn about our newest games, upcoming developments and get a chance to interact directly with the developers.

This group will be ACE's direct link to the community, where we will update with news about all our projects, as well as create contests, communicate with the fans and much more. Stick around, as we plan on making this our central hub for all sorts of announcements!

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Abyss Odyssey OST is up on our YouTube channel
Reminder: Captions contest #2
Add funny captions to the image below for a chance to win ACE Team games, including Rock of Ages 2!
You don't have to use all text bubbles.

To add text to an image, you can use the text tool in any image editing software. If you are on Windows, Paint will do the job.

If you'd prefer to make your own text bubbles, here is the original image:
Post your images in this thread. One image per entry.

The contest will last until the end of the month. There will be 5 winners: one will receive a Steam key for Rock of Ages 2, the other 4 winners can choose a Steam key for one of our games, except for RoA2.

Monthly contests discussion. If you have some great ideas for future contests, let us know in this thread!

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"Bizarre, creative or unique games that break game development molds."
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Ayyyyyciate - MMXVII 18 sep om 13:43 
Seriosuly best game of the year! Beats the micro-transaction filled hell hole of other games, love ya <£
Kobolite 11 sep om 6:26 
i don't have rock of ages 2 yet but i love it
Ayyyyyciate - MMXVII 3 sep om 20:37 
[ACE] cbordeu 1 sep om 18:06 
Thanks Saltkin2014!
Saltkin2014 1 sep om 15:23 
Thank you for Rock of ages 2 it's fantastic :)))
[ACE] Dimaleth 31 jul om 9:25 
Hi Sheriff Jewdie,
A workshop for ZC2 would be really cool, but there are no plans for this, unfortunately. The team has their hands full with RoA2 and the next projects.