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ACE Team aceteam
August 9, 2007
[ENDED] Poem contest
Here are the winners in no particular order:


XERQ GRANITE. Give this poem a like on XERQ's AllPoetry account.[]

Ginger Messiah



Abyss Odyssey seems to be the best poem inspiration. :) Thank you to all the participants!

Hi guys, I hope you'll like this one.

Write a short poem (at least 5 lines) about any of our games for a chance to win one key for an ACE Team game of your choice (except RoA2). There will be 5 winners.

The contest will last until the end of the month. We will pick the winners at the beginning of April.


Monthly contests discussion
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donGuri Mar 1 @ 8:29am 
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Zeno Clash is weird,
ACE Team is too,
5th line.
down the well

into the depths i must plummet
with hopes of returning to the summit
demons and devils of all kinds of misfortune
lick at my heels as i descend into their torture
the soldier and woodsman aid in my plight
setting up camp we rest for the night
a brief respite as we tend to our wounds
for hell has no savior that matches my wrath

-abyss odyssey
Freddy Mar 1 @ 11:30am 
run, run, up you go
monsters around you doing MO
deadly cow's and Monsters spawn
you have no time to yawn
the tower is high
the drop is deep
to save the princess you have to go steep
is it a film?
is it a dream?
I cant belive what I have seen.
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Indomitable force.
With equal reaction.
Solid llike a Rock.
Timeless like the ages.

(poem about Rock of Ages, quirky contest, I like it).
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Both flowers are nowhere to be found,
But that never bothered you
Then you said you gonna fire
So I punch you

Behold! The wonders a caffeine-infused mind can churn out at 5am. It's... it's about Zeno Clash the first.
Laughed with the first one... Simple, but direct :)
Gotem Mar 7 @ 12:38pm 
rolling rolling downhill
over elephants and cows
rolling rolling downhill
avoiding towers and fans
all to end with an aaaaahhhhhhhh!
Took me a while to write it, but here's my entry hosted on my AllPoetry account, hope ya like it! ^_6
Dreams of disorder
The depths, I hear them calling,
monsters of dream, of nightmare,
the task ahead forever so trying,
as the living must pay the fare,
to all that is dead and dying.
But you must face the devil without care,
although your name is he signing.
As you brandish your blade,
hearing the horrors flock
and if all are slayed,
you must finally face the warlock.

-Abyss Odyssey
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JFRR Mar 15 @ 1:38pm 
Rocks rule,
Rules rock,
Crush them with rocks,
or Rule them with bloods,
at the end of it
is all about the laughs.

A mix of games :P .
Good luck.

Molotov Mar 15 @ 2:27pm 
Here goes nothing!

Gaat wakes up in a dream-like haze,
Escaping with Deadra out of the city,
Running through Zenozoik like its a maze,
Dodging Onpa he's not pretty,
Trying to avoid Fathermothers gaze,
Hoping it won't all end shitty...

(Zeno Clash, sorry if you couldn't use rude words ;P)
Katrien's on deathbed,
I must take her place.
Whatever lies ahead,
is my time to face.

With black smoke I arrive,
to the heat of battle therein.
It's not my time to die,
I will avenge you, Katrien!

~ Soldier, Abyss Odyssey
Is it one poem per contestant by the way?
Originally posted by Anime Jesus:
Is it one poem per contestant by the way?
Hmm... Yes, let's keep it at one per contestant for simplicity's sake.
Summoner Mar 16 @ 12:11pm 
Listen to my flow
Rollin' down on 'em though the ages
Like a stone you roll down it rampages
Sisyphous amazes, knows where to say (WHA)
He's - know it all, old but tall, got it all, lays the stone, hear the roar (ROOOOOOAAAR)
Our punches clash, weird dream I can see that
Kick chickens and down some acid I can feel that
My path is wacked, Father-mother's what the F*k?
Say, Katrien any ideas about all that?
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