Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
8. dubna 2012
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Vacation Thread
Post in here if you're going on break/vacation or if any other emergencies that occur.
State the dates of when you'll be gone until when you'll be back.
If you own a plot, you may post here and pay your tax in advance.
Make sure to state what you placed in the taxbox, and for how many weeks tax was paid in advance.
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I have a ton of vacation things up this summer, varying from kentucky visiting to oak island visiting. I'll be getting a new computer and other Shiz I have to fix up. So I'll be out for a while. Have fun lads! ~Alejandro
From about the 5th to the 10th (effectively 4th to 11th for packing/unpacking) I will be visiting family across the country.
24. čvn. 2015 v 9.02 
From 27.06.2015 to 10.07.2015 I will be in other country.

I left 15 Mythril Bars for this week and 15 Palladium bars for next week in my tax chest. Bye!
I will go on a Camp for a Week (and possibbly one more day - Packing) : 3rd -~- 11th of August,I am sorry for my Absence and I hope I will see you all soon.
Remember To Respect the Rules,They are made to be Respected.

With that Being Said,
Sparkster - Out

(Like anyone cares anyways -__-)
Naposledy upravil UltimateSparkster; 26. čvc. 2015 v 4.24
i am a sorof back from my hiatus, life as been crazy lately, as in move-half-way-across-the-contry life changing crazy. we are mostly finished with the move so i am going to try to be on more now.
I'll be overseas on a work trip, visiting some sites at the Suzhou Industrial Park, for around a week, from 4th September to 11th September. Cheers!
I'll be on a trip with my familly from 2nd September to 10th September. See you soon!
Alright iam gonna be moving to another place so i won't be able to get online for a few weeks. cya
I write this letter to state that I won't be redially avaliable for the next (and past) few months due to school, volunteering/jobs and the various School Clubs I help manage. I won't be active daily untill early July, 2016. I aplogize for my past, current and future absence.
Naposledy upravil TreeSpawn; 18. zář. 2015 v 17.15
I`ll be gone from Oct 18 to Oct 26, flying off to Egypt kek, so, can mine plot be saved?
Terion 11. říj. 2015 v 12.21 
Staff houses are never auto deleted.
and, i really messed up the date, it was actually 11th to 19. :(
yume 23. říj. 2015 v 21.26 
forgot to make a forum post so im making one now. i left for my trip on the 19th and might be returning on the 25th or 26th.
will be out till december gonna double time the work in studies
Will be out for a week or so on a work trip.
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Zobrazeno 115 z 25 komentářů
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