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Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
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2012년 4월 8일
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Yama 2015년 5월 15일 오전 7시 39분
Statue Effects and Permissions
Original Post of Ahri

Finished listing the current effects! If you wish to inform me of some that have changed recently, or give me a more detailed effect for some that are vague (ex: Bat) just send me a message to my inbox. Hope this helps! :3

Statue type - effect - rank required

Angel - Spawns / moves The Guide. - Mod+
Anvil - Grants the Gravitation buff for 6 seconds. - Mod+
Armor - Spawns Possessed Armor - Mod+
Axe - Spawns Wood (2-4) or Acorn (2) - Anyone
Bat - Spawns...a lot of mobs... - Mod+
Bird - Spawns a bird. - Anyone
Bomb - Spawns a bomb or grenade - Anyone
Boomerang - Spawns a Blazing Wheel - Mod+
Boot - Grants the Slow debuff for 6 seconds - Mod+
Bow - Spawns Flaming Arrow (3), Unholy Arrow (3), Jester's Arrow (2), or a Hellfire Arrow - Anyone
Bunny - Spawns a bunny; on a blood moon spawns corrupt bunny instead - Anyone

Chest - Spawns one of the following; Wooden arrow (10), Gel (10), Wire (4), Silver coin, Lesser Healing Potion, Ironskin potion (2), Mimic, Golden Key, Lens, Green or Red Candy Cane block (5), Cobweb (2), Torch (5), Spike (2), Ale (2), Silver Bullet (4), or Mana Regeneration Potion - VIP+

Corrupt - Spawns a World Feeder - Mod+
Crab - Spawns a crab - Anyone
Cross - Spawns probes - Mod+
Eyeball - Spawns Wyvern - Mod+
Fish - Spawns a goldfish; on a blood moon spawns corrupt goldfish instead - Anyone
Gargoyle - Casts the Cursed Inferno and Darkness debuff - Mod+
Gloom - Spawns one of three monsters; Demon, Voodoo Demon, or Wraith - VIP+
Goblin - Spawns snowmen from the Frost Legion - Mod+
Hammer - Grants the Confuse debuff for 6 second - Mod+
Heart - Spawns three hearts (20 HP healing per) - VIP+
Hornet - Grants the Potion Sickness and Bleeding debuff together for 6 seconds - Mod+
Imp - Spawns a Fire Imp - Mod+
Jellyfish - Spawns either; Pink Jellyfish, Restoration Potion (4), Lesser Restoration potion (2), or Glowstick (3) - Anyone
King - Moves all npcs. - Mod+
Mushroom - Spawns Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms. - Anyone

Pickaxe - Spawns one of the following; dirt block (2), stone block (3), clay block (3), gold ore (2), silver ore (2), copper ore (2), Mother Slime (2), or Undead Miner (2) - VIP

Pillar - Grants the Curse debuff for 6 seconds - Mod+
Piranha - Spawns most (if not all) aquatic mobs - Mod+
Pot - Spawns 4 bullets, can be either; Cursed, Meteorite, Silver, or Crystal - Anyone
Potion - Spawns one of the three Mana or Healing potions. - VIP+
Queen - Spawns one of the WoF leeches - Mod+
Reaper - Spawns 3 Bones, a Tombstone, a Bone Serpent, casts Poisoned debuff. - VIP+
Shield - Grants the Shine buff for 6 seconds - Mod+
Skeleton - Spawns mostly dungeon mobs with an occasional corrupt monster - Mod+
Slime - Spawns either a Blue Slime, or a Pinky - Anyone
Spear - Spawns 2 Werewolves - Mod+
Star - Spawns Mana Potion (1-3), Fallen Star, or 3 Stars (Heals 100 Mana per) - VIP+
Sunflower - Spawns 4 seeds of any kind. - Anyone

Sword - Grants one of the following buffs or debuffs for 5 minutes; Obsidian Skin, Regeneration, Swiftness, Gills, Ironskin, Mana Regeneration, Magic Power, Featherfall, Spelunker, Invisibility, Shine, Night Owl, Battle, Thorns, Water Walking, Archery, Hunter, Well Fed, Fairy, Clairvoyance, Poisoned, Darkness, Cursed(1 minute), On Fire!, Tipsy, Confused, Slow, Weak, Broken Armor, Cursed Inferno - Anyone

Tree - Spawns most hardmode mobs - Mod+

Woman - Moves nurse - Mod+

Special thanks to:
Eagle, Steal, Terion, Yama
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