[ZG] Zombie Gaming [ZG]
[ZG] Zombie Gaming [ZG]
5. november 2008
OM [ZG] Zombie Gaming

When there is no more room in Hell . . . the Dead will walk the Zombie Gaming Servers

Welcome to the Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community!

The Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community []was originally founded in November 2008 dedicated to the mission of providing the finest zombie themed gaming experience. We have members from all around the world who actively contribute to building a premier gaming environment. Our focus is on all past and present popular zombie games, television and movies. We host a number of well-known Steam Powered Source zombie first person shooters such as, Contagion[], Garry's Mod[], Left 4 Dead Series[], No More Room in Hell (NMRIH[]), and Zombie Panic Source (ZPS[]). We also focus on massive multiplayer online (MMO) zombie games such as DayZ[]7 Days to Die[] and Infestation: The New Z[] to name just a few. Above all, what truly sets this community apart is in the mapping contributions provided by many of our community members who continue to produce breathtaking Contagion, ZPS and NMRIH maps for all to enjoy.

In addition to gaming, we focus on zombie entertainment in the forms of Movies, Television and Comic Books. This is an inclusive, friendly community, with continual open enrollment to all new individuals. There are no membership fees or special requirements in order to join. Therefore, ALL are welcome to assign the [ZG] tag to your Steam Profile.

Join the [ZG] Zombie Gaming Community right now by adding our Steam Group to your Steam Profile in addition to signing up as a member on our website at For any questions or comments, please visit our forums at or email

[ZG] Official Discord Server:

Zombie Gaming [ZG] Server Hosting Information

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Support Ending Apocalypse Co-Op Zombie Survival Game
  • First Person and Third Person mode
  • Wide variety of player characters to choose from
  • A vast array of weapons and Ammo available for all kinds of situations
  • Spawning loot crates to support your mission
  • Four unique game modes to choose from
  • Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Emoticons, and unique Profile Backgrounds.
  • Campaigns that last as long as 4-6 hours
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards
Game Modes
  • Survival – Seconds, minutes, hours or days…how long can you survive for?
  • Objective – Survival is a matter of preparation, so gather all you can - resources, tools, equipment – and drive off into the night, towards your goal
  • Stalked - Most survivors are an unfriendly bunch, and to them you’re no more than the loot on your back and the boots on your feet. The thing is…they’re not the only ones you need to worry about
  • Battle Royal - An abandoned island is the grounds of a fight to the death. Out of 60-100 survivors, there can only be one victor. Will it be you?
Check out the team's Kickstarter[]page today here:

There are some great preview videos and more information about the project. Please support our members, they are really what make our community great. This is another great example of how our members are doing an outstanding job of contributing to the zombie gaming experience!

-The Zombie Gaming Team

Happy New Year!
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"Zombie Gaming is in existence to follow, host and play the best Zombie games ever created!"
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oi todo bem
MoeDe 愛 24. maj kl. 10:17

free Badge 100 XP
You can watch the full video so ez

MoeDe 愛 9. maj kl. 14:25 
🎮 | Rafax_97 21. apr. kl. 12:11 
New community inspired by some famous Modded servers.
To interested play a mod server with elements of Vanilla on pc.
We prioritize the suggestions of the players as the feedback of their own. In a term that does not escape the idea of being a server with survival aspects.

Name: World War Z - EU - 1PP - Customs weapons & clothes - C4

How the server works:
- Unlimited stamina up to 50% of the bar.
- Helicrash Modded
- C4 Raid
- 1PP
- Base Building Modded & Vanilla
- Custom food
- Custom areas of the map
- No pay to win
- No Trader
- Map ( But off 3D Markers )
- No Party
- Storages and Lockers

After you read this, will you be interested? Join us in our discord
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