Wiimote Heroes Wii PC
Wiimote Heroes Wii PC
November 14, 2014
ABOUT Wiimote Heroes

Wiimote everything!!!

This is the place to go to for the end-user, public place to get help to make the top three programs for wiimote emulation for all things PC: from PC FPS gaming, wheel driven games, emulators, 2-d gaming, Point & click adventures, or even simply using the wiimote to control your PC as a remote control device for music, movies, shopping (virtual keyboard also included).

**see forum for help or ask a question!!!
- also addressing what to use!

**Special Mention goes to Xman3000 for being a big donator to the group and providing us lots of games and tools to mess around with!!!

My test videos are on:

and below are the important links!!! for VR testing for great competitive wiimote videos
and programming adventures in various games/environments. For Fun FPS play and lots of cursing in French

point & click, general PC use, 2d gaming or scripting new gesture commands:
The Toid

If you want a better than most FPS control, then check out Mic's
We get no proceeds or ever have from any of the sales he has gotten as a result of our promotion or help in testing :D So if you buy it from him, we are NOT responsible! However, it works fairly well in most games except Unreal engine based games or Serious Engine games. Or direct input. Or Unity engine games...

PPJOY Glovepie for 2d gaming:
Steam blocks the link to this valid website but-
the best 4 player at the same time Glovepie wiimote emulator script I have found so far (it is stupid easy to setup w/ a great tutorial) can be easily found if you search for:
Bighead's emuhelp. That should take you to the right place. Trust me, it's awesome.

For more in-depth gaming experience & head tracking in a game like War Thunder, go here:

A relatively new windows 8 wiimote mouse/touch emulator- open source.

If you want to use your gyro on your tablet for gaming on PC- combine Monect w/ wiimoteoncod9 or glovepie:

If this link is deemed malicious, simply search Monect via the App store on your tablet device.

If you want to run real life objects & robotics using your wiimote or other device:

Work in progress for Wiimote use in Mac OS:

Useful Links (to be added to):

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we hit 100 :D
giveaway once we hit 100
вւυɴƿϵгιɴɢШʌᴅϵ Feb 21 @ 10:24am 
Anyone know where to find the wiimoteoncod9? I think it was what i see in YT with GlovePIE in Fallout 4 VR Gameplay (Only ONE WiiMote Plus with Nunchuk).
Because FreePIE with my Scripts isn't as good.

What i mean (he don't share any information to his clip):

I wait for next Gen Oculus or Vive Pro and use currently a GearVR + S7 and a highend pc. In Germany also the hardwareprices high and things like leap motion or nolo aren't directly buyable :(
SZARKEN Apr 14, 2017 @ 6:54am 
hay algun manual paso a paso? gracias!
Xolono Feb 20, 2017 @ 12:15pm 
Where can I get this cod9.exe file?
PhantomzEyezSees Dec 17, 2016 @ 11:36am 
This is my first time posting
TheLethargicOne Dec 14, 2016 @ 12:02pm 
Cool group. I am currently using my Wiimote in Zombie Escape and ESO. The way I play is with running in place commands where the nunchuck movements + stick, are translated into in-game movements.

I prefer to use my Wiimote as a gyro mouse where I press a button to move the cursor with hand flicks.

I'm having a lot of fun with games now. I actually get excited when a zombie is about to turn me, and I narrowly escape. Only thing is that I have to play ESO on medium settings as GlovePie's gyro to mouse lags on max settings...despite having high fps. I wish it wouldn't do that, as I would love to play on max settings.

I tried both FreePIE and Wiimouse, but both programs seem to have poor cursor tracking at fast movements. I think the code for the calibration is off in both the prorgams. GlovePIE 0.4 is the only one I have found so far that doesn't at large pitch spikes and dips when doing yaw movements.
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November 14, 2014